Please help. Need help with Nurse career project!


Hi everyone! I am an Undergrad taking pre-reqs in an attempt to apply for an acclerated second degree nursing program. I have to do a project to help me see if Nursing is truley the route for me. I would like to interview one more Nurse or have them answer a few quick questions for me via e-mail.

Can anyone please help me with this? It will only take a few minutes and would help so much as I do not know any Nurses personally and the ones I called to try and set up an interview with were very rude. Very hard to find a Forensic Nurse, as well. :rolleyes: If so can you please respond to this post or PM me? If you cannot PM me yet please respond and I will post my e-mail address to send you the questions that I have. Thanks in advance! Mel


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I would LOVE to help!!! I will leave you a message in your box thingie!!!:redpinkhe:nurse:

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with my expierence, I would be happy to answer questions for you here in PM only. looking forward to hearing from you.


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Feel free to contact me e mail or 985-520-1197. I have over 40 years experience including 4 as an lpn and 36 as an rn.

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I would love to help...PM me....


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The International Association of Forensic Nurses (IAFN) might be able to put you in contact with someone. I don't have their web address handy. Otherwise try contacting a SANE program in your area to get in touch with people who work in sexual assault services. Good luck!