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Please help me decide if I should start the LPN program


I have been accepted to the LPN program. However I am unsure if I should start because I just found out I am pregnant. i will be 14 weeks along when the 10 month program starts.

There are a few other factors that go into consideration, I live far from the school itself and would spend $80-100 a week for gas. I would work weekends as a CNA so the money will not be exactly flowing. I do not qualify for financial aid because my gpa is 1.89, and school loans are not an option because my parents will not cosign.

So I would have to work to pay for gas and tuition and books. I also live on my own so I have other expenses. I will also have my baby in the middle of the program and do not know how it will affect me academically, I will be a first time mom. I am just afraid I will bite off more than I can chew, and am terrified of not being able to continue because of financial issues.

My other option is just to continue taking pre requisite courses little by little until my gpa goes up and I am able to qualify for financial aid, and hopefully by that time I would be able to do the RN program.

What would you do?

What would you recommend?

please help

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Honestly, I think you should wait till you have a little less going on in your life. I think it's a great idea to maybe take a class or 2 and get your GPA up. Being a single parent you should also qualify for financial aid. Best of luck in whatever you decide. :D

If it were me, I would wait.

I agree with everything u said. Waiting is the best option because school will be tough and u already have a lot on your plate. U wanna make sure everything in your life is in order once u do begin. Once u become a mother u will qualify for for financial aid so that helps too. Also taking two classes at a time to raise your GPA would put u in a good place to apply for the RN program. I'm not sure how old u are but just take your time and everything will fall in place for u :)

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It could be done BUT I wouldnt chance doing that, nursing school is already stressful as it is then to add a newborn to it would be even more stressful. 2nd, you working part time as a cna will not be enough to cover your living expenses especially with you living on your own, having bills, bsby formula and pampers, clothes, gas, transportation, etc. Nursing school is tiring as well. IMO, I would wait.

Philly_LPN_Girl, LPN

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Also take your prereqs to get that GPA up as well ;)

I would wait until you don't have so many factors against you, honestly. I have full husband support and don't work and still want to quit weekly lol. Its just a lot. Get your GPA up and squirrel away a bit of money and then go for it. Look at that baby everyday knowing that's who you're doing it for! Good luck, whatever you decide :D

Wait, wait, wait. Nursing school is a LOT of work, even those in my class that only have one child or some that do not have any - most of us work and have kids (I have six) and I can tell you it's a lot of stress and a LOT of work.