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Did y'all get this PM from inna?

Hi! I'd like to make a suggestion in one of the threads in the General Nursing Discussion Board entitled....FOREIGN NURSES FROM THE PHILIPPINES ... Maybe this thread is more appropriate to be posted in NURSES FROM OTHER LOCATIONS? It's just that people posting here are using their own language. Well, I have nothing against it, but it's just pretty awkward. It's like we are all talking and having discussions face to face and somebody will just speak a non-english language making the rest of us clueless and wonder what are they talking about. It seems that they're enjoying their discussions but sorry...It's kind'a rude and impolite to be viewed in the General Nursing Discussion Board.

I will understand if it's in the NURSES FROM OTHER LOCATIONS I would expect seeing a different language from here.... but in the General Discussion Board?.... It's like not having the good manners and right conduct for the people posting it in a non-english language. I just don't want to offend them but I really, really want to post this letter on that said thread. Thanks


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This is the post I think inna PM me about. This thread has been going on since last November. How about it? No foreign language or is it ok. Should it be moved to "other places" forum?


hello lahat ng mga nurses sa pinas.. email nyo po visa n b kau? sadly, close na po ang year na to to get immigrant visas..(check out the ppapers) october kasi ang start ng business year sa states so bale after october na ulit "magpapamigay ng visa" hehehehe. na reach n po kasi ang quota.. sana lahat kayo ay makupunta dito.. we are the greatest in number sa nurses (foreighn) followed distantly by india.. pag me querry kayo e e-mail nyo ko

btw, im a thomasian.. kakagraduate ko lang last year pero nandito n me

Post title and link to post:FILIPINA NURSES!!!!!!!!!!!mabuhay kayo!!!

This is part of this thread:

Foreign Nurses from the Philippines

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We actually have requested that they "speak" English on that thread. Can't find a good tagalog translator either. There are so many Philippine nurses visting this site though that I feel sure they would report something amiss.

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Also a bit concerned about 'personals ads' and immigration/visa scalms. Guess we need to FIND a Filipino nurse--I will ask @ work. But before I do, what does the boss say?

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Look no further...I've got one RIGHT HERE in my house!! She's sleeping right now, but I will ask her tomorrow if she'd like me to set up an account on my computer, and visit Allnurses while Roger is napping.

She doesn't need to be a mod, just report anything that doesn't sound right. Her English is quite good (though she needs to work a bit on the idioms) and I'm sure her Tagalog is excellent. :)

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How did you get to be so lucky Jane to find live in help that speaks Tagalong, LOL.

Tuesday Drs office called to speak with our physician liason---actually they wanted to give an homecare referral so got transfered by liason to myself. Was told the patient had "communication issues" so might need to set up appoinment thru son.

Few hours later, spouse calls insisting on speaking with liason... get the call transfered to me. "Communication issue" was that patient and spouse primarily speak French! Spouse starts rapidly babbling in mixture of French and English.

I slow him down by recalling my 30yr old HS French. My staff was practically rolling on the floor hearing me call myself "Madame Caron" and badly speaking French.

Certainly pays to know another language!

Jay-Jay, RN

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:rotfl: Love it, Karen! Hope I'd do a bit better (being Canadian, and having a certificate to teach French.) However, the rule is: you don't use it, you LOOSE it! And I'm very much afraid I've lost the fluency I once had, though I still have no trouble reading French.

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wowo!! good work! Ask and you shall receive.....

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