PH Rn: how to challenge CA LVN exam?


Hi everyone, I'm a newbie here. Today is exactly my one year anniversary here in California. I am an Rn in the Philippines, I did submit application and all my requirements to CALIFORNIA BON for NCLEX RN exam however when i received the mail, they required me to take up units for Obstetrics and Med/surg. I know a lot of you have the same situation as me. I am having thoughts of trying to apply to other states, but still I want to stay here in CA since my family is here.. Does anyone here tried to challenge Nclex PN in California.. I really dont know where to start..


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Go to the website of the BVNPT and follow the instructions to apply for licensure, similar to what you did to apply for an RN license.

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There are dozens of threads in nurse registration forum regarding applying for an LVN license by examination using method 3 (equivalent education/experience) I believe CGFNS is now required


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Thankyou very much for your reply...


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yes CGFNS is now required I just did mine but after CGFNS release my CES-Report , BVNPT said that I lack pharmacology hours lol

In the letter they said I only did 40 theory hours of pharma but my school said I did complete the required 54 hours 😵

I don't know if I need a re-evaluation from CGFNS or if my school can just send the breakdown of nursing program to BVNPT.

Im pretty sure my university messed up the document they send to CGFNS haha

I contacted the board and still waiting for a reply.


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What school did you graduate? Just filed my cgfns too.still waiting for the approval.


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Hi. Im from the Philippines. How about you. Are you filipino too? I am also thinking of doing the classes for ob and med surg which the Cali BON required me to takr in order to qualified for NCLEX RN


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I'm from the Philippines too. I sent my application for nclex LVN.


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Hello kabayan. Do you have facebook? Is it okay if add you.. Just have some questions im new here in cali..if its okay po..:-)

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Hi.. Did you send your application to cgfns directly? Or do i also have to send one on bvnpt?