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the period that will not end


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Lisa- Sometimes women that have polycystic ovarian disease, one of the symptoms is insulin resistance and the treatment is metformin....I don't know if that is what the doctor is thinking. Metformin will help with your insulin resistance whatever the diagnosis as it will help your cells respond better to your insulin and decrease the hyperproduction of insulin in your body. Anyway this is just a thought, but definitely talk to your doctor in more detail. Write down your questions so you cover all the areas you are concerned about.

but I am not understanding why my glucose isn't messed up if I have an over production of insulin...and if my body isn't recognizing the insulin ...how do I not have high glucose...and won't the medication make my glucose go low or high


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How I understand it....is that the reason your glucose is still normal is because your hyper production of insulin so far is forcing the cells to take the insulin, but over time the cells will become more restistant to the insulin and cause your glucose levels to rise. Metformin will encourage the cells to be less resistant to insulin and in turn your pancreas will produce less insulin. I would recommend monitoring your glucose levels with the start of metformin to see how you respond to the medicine.

My ultra sound was normal. The plan is if this repeats I will take the pill for a couple of cycles and hope this straightens it out. Thanks for all your replys.


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I hope you get better soon.

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