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Hi All!

I am exactly three weeks away from finishing my CNA class and so I'm on-line looking for a job... my DH needs me to work full time while I do my pre-reqs... so I saw an ad at a great place! It pays 14 an hour but it says "per-diem" what exactly does that mean? Is that on-call? I know that usually this means no benefits which is fine for now- cause we have full med, dental, and vision with my husband's job... but I just wanted more explanation and any opinions... Thanks ...


Those of you who pray ... Pray for me.. I'm starting to get a little nervous about the skills portion of the exam...

Those of you who don't pray... Think positive for me, cross your fingers... anything... I appreciate it!



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It means that for every hour you work you make $14. No benefits, no paid time off, no paid sick time.


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ptnurse- I love your signature

Sharon I will pray that you ace the exam, and that sounds like great pay...but of course I live in Arkansas and know RN's making that much (with full time benefits, not prn).


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Per diem is non-benefitted. No vacation pay, no sick time, and so forth.

In return, you are paid at a higher hourly rate than benefitted people, reasonably enough, AND you can select your own working hours as you choose--including simply not scheduling yourself for a couple of weeks whenever you need a break, etc.

You can also work per diem at more than one facility at a time, just be careful not to schedule conflicting hours.

I always prefer working per diem, myself.


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Is it 14 an hour? or possibly up to 14 an hour. Sometimes they get really creative with these advertisements.


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Also, with per diem, you are not guaranteed any hours. So if you need a reliable amount of income, a per diem position might not be a good choice.


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It is actually 14.39 an hour... I do need dependable income... but I am going to make myself available weekends and nights... I hope this would give me an advantage... because most people don't like to work those shifts... My hubby will be able to watch the kids on the weekend and I can sleep while they are in school... This is a world known facility so maybe that's why they can offer more.

RN's in this area are making $25/hr and up... I think CNA's should be paid about this much (10-15 /hr) considering they have such a physically demanding job...I know some LTC's offering minimum and just hiring NA's... Where we are training the CNA's make 8.50 so I think 14.39 is a great find, considering I already have benefits, and I need the flexible shedule with going to school and having 3 kids... I'm defenitley applying there!

Thanks for all the feed back... I love this "place" - wish I had more time to spend here!


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One question you should ask is if the census is fluctuating. During times of low census, you are canceled, no work, no pay. If they are a world renown hospital they are probably fairly busy and you will have plenty of work. Just be wary. On the other hand, if it doesn't work out, then you can always get another job.

Good luck.

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