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People share your Kaplan Scores! :D


Ok my test is in less than a week. I'm considering of moving it 2 weeks from now, just took kaplan Q6 and Q7 and did 59% and 57%. Some of the questions on Kaplan are just worded vaguely. UGH!

It's going to be my 2nd time! Please help!

Which KAPLAN test are you talking about?

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I'm having the same problem. This will be my second time taking the NCLEX, I failed the first time with 265 questions, near passing in all categories. I took Kaplan to prepare for it this time and I'm doing horrible on the Q-trainers, all in the 50s-60s. Currently I'm scheduled for the 24 but I'm considering rescheduling it for a later date because I feel like there's no way I can pass right now and I can't afford to take it a 3rd time!

Good luck, let me know how it goes!

male_murse its very close to 60% that's great I failed first time because I was scoring 40-50% Now I am scoring 60-70% but focus on your weak areas too.. Use the strategy when you can apply.. Read rational and I always write down the wrong answers that your not familiar with it and look up the topic! Stay positive.

i scored 59% on q6 and a 56% on q 7. read the ALL the rationales, make sure u understand them! i took my nclex 9/10/14 passed with 100 questions. you will be fine.


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Diagnostic - 64%

QT1 - 56%

QT2 - 68%

QT3 - 64%

Taking class #3 and 4 this week

I am watching the online question videos and getting NONE of the question right - if this is what the NCLEX is like I am in big, big trouble.

[COLOR=#003366]seconddegreebsn your Diagnostic score is great! QT are good too as long their above 60% i failed first time my scores were 40 and 50% it was very bad.. and what i did listened to Hurst content videos helped and finished the kaplan book strategy now I am listening to online questions videos before I start answering questions I am doing much better than before.. the questions are hard but try to learn when you use the Decision Tree and always right the wrong questions I made a notebook for it and I go over why is wrong.. Practice Practice and Practice... your not going to know everything! but learn the strategy and review your weakness!

Good luck!!!

In the Kaplan class I recently took the teacher said that if you're in the 50's that's good and you're getting there. If you're in the 60's you're solid and if you're in the 70's you're a rock star.

thanks for the feedback guys :D

I will take it this week regardless of my scores :D

I ran out of practice exams so I'm just reading rationales and content at this point. Thanks for all the help :D

You will be fine. I took the Kaplan in class course a few weeks ago. I averaged a 53 on all the Q-trainers and a 52 on the readiness test. I took the exam sep.10 and I passed. The Kaplan qtrainers and qbank's are great because of the difficulty level, and were pretty similar to the nclex questions. Let us know how you do!

thank you dandan. Today I went over my QTs. between the time i failed my first exam and today, I studied ncbsn and hurst pretty intensively. I started off with 3 weeks of reviewing Hurst (4 hours a day everyday). After Hurst, I went over NCSBN and getting scores (65-85%). After I finished all the QB in NCSBN, I did Kaplan and scored between 57-65'ish (I don't remember my Q1-Q5 scores). Lowest is QT7 @57% I think.