People continue to come up with stories that strain my ability to believe them

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Every once I post a second hand story that I just got to talk about even while I have a hard time believing it. This one is about a manager that suspected an employee of meeting with a person on work hours for a romantic liaison. The manager wanted to follow this person and catch him "flagrante delicto", AND the manager wanted my friend to come along as a witness. My friend said, "NO, that isn't in my job description!" I accused this friend of pulling my leg. They insist it really happened.:bugeyes::icon_roll

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Ah, yes. This stuff happens for sure.

*I caught two aides making out in an empty pt room.

*My former room mate/co-worker (and nut-case, I might add) confessed to me a steamy kiss she had in front of a blind pt with "Hott Jose, CNA". I am still torn between being amused by that and being disgusted!

*The Admissions Director (a looong legged blonde with a "reputation") stealing a kiss from a male aide over a pt bed and make VERY clear what she wanted from the poor (heh) guy. He was flattered and embarrassed and admitted that she had managed to "turn on " his "call light". LOL

*The aide who decided to let a male aide know how much she wanted him whilst they where in the clean utility room. He described his experience as "comical" because he was doing his best to "escape". This included a chase around the room and an attempt to place a linen cart between himself and her. He got away in one piece. (This same gal later hit on ME. LOL! She was nuts!)

*The housekeeper and maintenance man who both got the can when they were caught in a tub room by a pt. And in this case, they were NOT just kissing. This was a HUGE scandal at our facility!

*My cousin is a doctor and was busted in a supply room w/ a nurse. He admitted it was true. What an ass, tho. He had a wife and daughter at home. He doesn't now, though. Jerk! I guess he really wanted to be sure to keep that naughty nurse/doctor stereotype alive!!!

And the list above is the "bare-bones" version. Believe me, there was some pretty juicy detail involved in each case.

This stuff REALLY happens....

but I've never been involved in anything like that, personally.



I would LOVE to hear the details! Pls put them on here!!

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