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Hi everyone I am taking my boards later this month and am really scared :uhoh3: How long does it take for PA to post your license if you pass? what if you dont pass how do you find out? If I take... Read More

  1. by   Rashandap
    I just got my result this morning, I passed yipee :spin: !!! I guess there is not set time you will get your results, no matter the waiting sucks
  2. by   RN5406
    I took my NCLEX on Monday (6/12) and I still haven't seen my name on their site. I am getting nervous! I ended up calling on Wednesday and trying to find out about a change of address (seeing if they would look up my name and they did) and they told me that they still haven't recieved my results yet. They said it could take anywhere from 2 days to 30 days. So far it has been 5 days, and nothing on their site. Is this normal? Do they update the BON site on the weekend? Are they just saying that and don't want to tell me I failed over the phone?! My test shut off at 75 questions. I took my test in Mobile, AL (went to school in FL and applied to the PA board of nursing). I can't take anymore waiting! I want to know NOW!! :angryfire
  3. by   Rashandap
    They would tell you if you had results, as long as the PA board of nursing tells you that your results are still pending that means they don't have any results for you. The bon said right now they are really busy because of the LPN renewal, all the LPN in the state have to renew their license by the end of June. All you can do it keep checking everyday, the website is supposed to updated every morning at 7a, it is only updated once a day. Hang in there:innerconf
  4. by   CrayZnurse
    When I took my test it took a few weeks to get my results. I took the test on a Tuesday and started calling two days after that and called the following week as well. I was convinced I failed since nothing was on file. I found out I passed when I received my license in the mail.
  5. by   dmv0309
    I took my test on Saturday and I was on the website on Tuesday, WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I am an RN!!!
    Denise, RN
  6. by   jein33
    I took my exam last Thur and there is no result yet. I had to go through all 265 questions though :-(
  7. by   brandnewjerseyrn
    I took the NCLEX on a Friday and my license was up on the website by Tuesday morning. The website only updates at 7 am on business days. I didn't realize this until Monday after checking like 20 times each day!
  8. by   jein33
    are you sure that if s.o. failed the temp. permit states "null and void"? I took my exam a week ago, still waiting for the result. But my temp. permit is still active. Should I still have a hope? I called them today, she sees what i see online. She said you will find out shortly.
    Oh Lord, everyday like an year.:heartbeat
  9. by   dmv0309
    I passed and my tem. permit says "Null and Void" if you fail I think it says your temp permit says "expired" and if you fail you get a letter in the mail first.

    Good luck
  10. by   NurseLady1
    I took the NCLEX RN on Thursday and received my unofficial results on Saturday day, I passed. But today is Tuesday and still nothing posted on the BON website. I called and they told me it could take from 2-30 days. My classmate's license was listed on the BON website two days after she passed. This is a crap of bologna! Irked
  11. by   NurseLady1
    Well my license was posted today 8 days later, relieved.
  12. by   nursedabda
    If you take the nclex on a saturday will the KSBN (Kansas Board of Nursing) be able to post your lisence # on a weekend? All of my class mates checked the KSBN website the day they tested and their license was already posted (but i think all of them took theirs during the week).