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Hello all, I just wanted to start a thread for the Jefferson FACT 2008 applicants. First, I want to say that the Jefferson application process is fabulous. Keep in mind that I live in Philadelphia.... Read More

  1. by   JerseyGir1
    Congrats Scott!! Let us know what you decide. Fortunately, Jeff was the only school I applied to so I'm not waiting on others. I looked at soo many, but I was really picky... I wanted both the BSN and MSN and I wanted to do it as fast as possible, and Jeff definitely offered that. Maybe that's short-sighted, but oh well...

    Random question.. has anyone asked for a more detailed curriculum? Like how the summer semester will work, day-to-day? Danielle was telling me about it during the interview but I was flooded with so much information and also trying to make sure I presented myself well and what not. I wish I could get a better feel for what our life is going to be like in that rigorous year!
  2. by   ufblondi
    Has anyone applied recently? How long for an interview after your application is complete? I want to apply, but since they accept on a rolling basis I don't want to take the time to submit everything if there aren't any spots left! Also, to the accepted you mind posting what your gpa was?
  3. by   coopsc1
    Hey Blondi, I am not sure what the deadline is for the summer 08' start. You could call the school and see if the application process is still open. I actually interviewed last Friday and they offered me a spot, so maybe there are other seats available? The application process at TJU is pretty easy and as other people have mentioned earlier, I was impressed at how easy it was. Also, Danielle in the admissions office is great. As far as GPA goes, I think mine was 3.5ish and I did not submit GRE scores. Good luck to you and let me know if you have any other questions with the application process.

  4. by   anne827
    Hi Blondi - I submitted my application in November but they did not review it until after my fall grades were in ( I was in the process of completing two of my pre-requisites) once my grades were in I was given an interview slot that week and I was told in my interview I was accepted. All in all I think the whole application/interview process is pretty swift - I think they try to give you an answer as soon as possible so you can prepare. My bachelors and masters combined gpa was a 3.8. She didn't mention to me whether or not the program was full but I'm sure if you call the admissions office and ask if they have filled the class they might give you a better idea. Good Luck!!!
  5. by   byrd262
    Quote from ufblondi
    Has anyone applied recently? How long for an interview after your application is complete? I want to apply, but since they accept on a rolling basis I don't want to take the time to submit everything if there aren't any spots left! Also, to the accepted you mind posting what your gpa was?
    A classmate of mine interviewed this week and was offered admission. They told her that there were about 7 spots left for FACT. Apply ASAP anyway because, some people may not except the offer.
  6. by   ferrla
    Hello! I am also starting at Jeff in May. I was sitting here searching the internet for scholarships (with pretty much no luck) and came across this forum. I am so excited to start and get out of the accounting world forever. Is anyone else going to the accepted student event they are having on the 23rd?
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  7. by   JerseyGir1
    Haha I'm always searching for scholarships on here!! It's always the same deal though.. this one sounds great, oh wait, not eligible, not so great after all, too competitive, etc... I will be attending the reception on the 23rd. I'm also going to some financial session there this Sat. Great to hear of another FACT'08-er!

    p.s. Let me know if you do find any good scholarships! I haven't quite given up yet!
  8. by   charlenefra
    Hey! ME tooo i am also going to be attending jeff in may! i am new to this website--i just signed up a few minutes ago and I am already finding it to be helpful
  9. by   ferrla
    Hey Char! I have found this website to be great. If you search for other Fact forums you can find so much stuff from other students who have already gone through/ currently going through the program at Jeff.
  10. by   bailey728
    I had been planning to apply for the scholarship for the FACT program. They had sent an email in late Feb saying they weren't sure how many they could afford to give this year, so they weren't releasing the application yet, but that we should start getting our ref letters and thinking about what to write on the essay. I called today to see when they were planning to release the applications and was told they decided not to give any scholarships this year. Has anyone else heard this? I am very upset not only that they decided, after many years of giving out work-commitment scholarships, to not give any, but also that we were never told about this or the possibility of it happening. When exactly were we to be notified of this decision?? Does anyone know what's going on and why they aren't giving any scholarships at all this year? I keep hoping that what I heard wasn't true.
  11. by   ferrla
    I haven't heard anything about the scholarship since Feb. I emailed Nikki on Monday to see if there was an update, but she is on vacation til next week. I'll let you know if I hear anything.
  12. by   JerseyGir1
    Whoa whoa.. that is news to me. A jeff faculty member actually told you that?? I was wondering why we hadn't heard anything after those emails... and beginning to think something was up - but NOT that they weren't giving out any!! Hmmm.. well I won't jump to conclusions, hopefully we can get that clarified soon.
  13. by   bailey728
    I hope she was wrong too! The person I talked to was someone named Kathy in the finance (?) department who seemed pretty sure of what she was telling me. If this is officially confirmed, I am planning to write the Dean to tell her how disappointed I am in how this whole thing has been handled. I was expecting to hear that maybe they couldn't give as many scholarships as last year, but not that they were canceling the whole program. They've been giving these for a very long time - a friend of mine received one of their scholarships 15 years ago! Does this bode badly for the financial status of the hospital in general?