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I am new to this forum, but I would like to throw something out there and have some input. I am a first-year, non-traditional nursing student. I am considerably older than my colleagues, at least the... Read More

  1. by   frstlady
    At my school of nursing, the instructors use the same exams year after year, so for repeaters, it is easy for them to pass the test, which they do not share information from the past semesters. My program is also competitive, so you have to be in good with someone in order to get some help on tests or anything dealing with the nursing program. If someone gives you study material, to me, it is not cheating. If they are giving you test questions and answers then yes, that is cheating. I feel people should not cheat because it will catch up with them eventually, hopefully it will not be one of our love ones in harms way.
  2. by   LAM2010
    As someone else said, usually cheaters come up short in the end anyway, they're just cheating themselves - although if you're a nursing student, you could be cheating a patient later on, too. Depending on what kind of skill you're being tested on.

    I usually don't worry about it being "fair" because a person who has to cheat is most likely not doing that well anyway and it will catch up with them.

    Pride in succeeding without having to cheat feels a lot better, too.
  3. by   mochabean
    I agree with everyone else that you did the right thing. Integrity is lacking in today's society. If I were one of those people who studied their behinds off, I would be grateful that a couple of students who were attempting to cheat were stopped just in time. It wouldn't have mattered how hard or how long I studied, it has to be an even playing field.
  4. by   Atheos
    Integrity > Friendship

    You can always find friends. When you lose your integrity it's always gone...

    I say good job. I'd be glad to work with you.
  5. by   voraciousj
    I agree with those above. We had a few students that were cheating their way through our junior year and when I and a few other high-scoring students found out about it, we were beyond angry. It made us feel as though we had wasted precious hours and day s studying and EARNING our good grades, especially when there was no action taken by the professors. However, we know that we truly know and understand the materials; and the ones that were cheating ultimately failed out of our class and will now spend the next year re-taking the classes. I have, however, lost quite a bit of respect for our instructors.
  6. by   Proverbs 16:3
    i have to agree that it comes back to bite. I met one girl in my program, who i later found out was a cheater and funny thing is, she couldn't get through the program. We were in our final year and she couldn't do a simple math cath or administer meds. There are others who've cheated in school and haven't been able to pass their boards since they graduated.

    To the OP, i have blown the whistle before and no one realized who blew the whistle. I blew it right in the middle of the exam but i was so subtle about it and the instructor was smart - she waited for sometime after myself and a bunch of other students had gone away from her before confronting the cheaters so it didn't look like i was the one who told on them.
    You definately did the right thing, yes people aren't gonna like you for that but in all honesty, you're keeping people who don't know what the heck they're doing from the nursing profession. If anyone wants to get into the profession, they need to work hard and have a good knowledge base. The first time i saw cheating in my program, i was equally appalled and surprised. Someone told me "it happens everywhere", whatever....

    Quote from RNLULULABAMBA
    My school mate cheated all the way out of nursing school (AAS program). There were rumors all over when we were in school, but we did not have the evidence to come forward. It took her over four years to pass the nclex exam after graduation. By then many of us have earned our BSN and few were working as supervisors in a nursing home. All of those that cheat end up paying the price.