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Penn DNP-NA 2018


To all the future SRNA's of The University of Pennsylvania 2018. A thread to assist each other with questions, preparation and ideas.

Hey Wjsb! Congrats on your acceptance.

If you don't mind, how long did it take them to notify you of your acceptance?

Thank you Yc146! They originally told me they'd be informing me of their decision in May (so of course I started checking my e-mail every four hours after the interview), and I was pleasantly surprised when I got the letter 9 days later.

Wow that was fast!!!!!! I still have not heard from them and it has been a month since I had the interview.

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My interview is scheduled for next week!

hey everyone!

I was accepted last week! congratulations on all who were and good luck to everyone waiting!

is there another thread that was made, I don't see it ? ...

I got in!!!! :yes:

Yayyyy congratulations !! So happy for you !!! Yc146

Thank you!!!!

This was the comment I was waiting for! I don't even know you and I'm excited for you, actually I'm excited for everyone!

Thank you Wjsb!!!


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I also got accepted. My interview was April 4th and and I found out about 8 days later that I was in.

Congrats figgy_pudding!!!!

Congrats figgypudding! My interview was April 4th as well ...


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Got my acceptance letter today! I interviewed on April 27th. Just waiting to hear back from the other program I applied to before making a decision...


Congrats shananigan!!