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I am going into my second semester of my ADN program and it is going to be a PEDS rotation for the first 8 weeks. Have any of you done this rotation yet and if so how did you feel about it?


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I have already done the PEDS rotation and it was OK. I do not really like peds, but many of my classmates enjoyed it. The hardest part for me was the medication calculations (BSA for example) The biggest thing that I learned about peds is that while dealing with the patient, you must have very good communication with the family as they are sometimes more scared or stressed than the kid.

I hope that you enjoy it!!!



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sorry, but my peds rotation will not come until 4th semester.

enjoy your rotation and i look forward to hearing about the experience.


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I start mine in January, just like you.


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I did mine and loved it! The drug calculations can get a hair tricky though. Good luck!


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For Peds: (3rd semester ADN program)

Hospital - two days a week for 4 weeks

School - one school day doing hearing/vision/scoliosis testing

Childrens Home - 8 hrs at home for children with disabilities (ex. cerebral palsy)

The main focus we did was pediatric drug calculations and to make sure they were in the "safe dose range." We focused alot on developmental careplans. I enjoyed peds clinicals and had a variety of patients with different ages and different dx's. It was a very rewarding clinical and you will learn alot!

Good luck with peds, Brandi


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I haven't done this yet, just new to nursing school really. I look forward to it though. I certainly like to hear others experiences in this area. Thanks for the info


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Hi, I did my peds rotation in first semester of my fourth year. It was a blast. Changing diapers on a dude that weighs 5 kilos compared to 90 kilos is sooo much easier! We were in cardiac surgery which was fitting because I had, on average, three MI's/day for the first couple weeks. Although very frightening at first, it turned out to be the best rotation yet. just remember, the parents need as much, if not more, care than the little ones.

Have fun and good luck!


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I loved my Peds rotation for LPN. Am starting mine for ADN program and can't wait. I think Peds is either---you really like it------or you really don't. Just try to remember that they are not little adults. Try to think on their level? If that makes sense.

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