Probe change schedule

  1. I tried to Google answers for my question but I can't find an answer. How often should you change the pulse ox probe location, in order to avoid skin breakdown?
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    Depends on the kid. Q4H for hospitalized kids. Home care/ home vent kids- I sure as heck would not wake them up for that! If they're asleep and I have good pick-up, it stays on. Not poking that particular bear!
  4. by   Wuzzie
    Per the Nellcor manufacturer's site a reusable probe should have the site changed every 4 hours. The adhesive probe should have the site checked at least every 8 hours and changed "appropriately". When I did peds/neo we did not stick to a strict schedule of site changes but the site was assessed with each hands-on care and if we thought it looked like time to move it we would. Some of the kids' skin wouldn't tolerate the adhesive being pulled off frequently.
  5. by   humerusRN
    I very rarely see a patient that is going to keep one on for four hours. Those things don't stay on!!! In the rare instance we have a kid that doesn't move, we check the site PRN and replace as necessary.