Has anyone worked in pediatric home health?

  1. I've been offered a job with a pediatric home health agency and I'm just curious if anyone has any experience in this area. Any advise would be appreciated.
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  3. by   becembrie
    Hi there. I haven't been on the site for a while and was just looking around when I saw your post. I am currently looking for a pediatric home health position. I have a full time position which I want to keep, but used to work pediatric home care years ago and loved it. I did shift care though, not visits. I enjoyed working with one patient and being in the home environment rather than the hospital. It gave me the chance to really get to know the kids. The position I had was to take care of a chronically ill child during the day when mom and dad worked. The patients ranged from oncology patients to kids that had chronic illnesses that needed full time nursing care. I'm not sure what type of home care you are doing, but I wish you luck. I don't know where to look for these types of jobs. The registries are only staffing hospitals. Maybe a home care agency?
  4. by   auburngirl95
    I an starting in pediatric HH in August. I am going to continue to search for a hospital job and have applied for 2 GN training positions in pediatrics. But with the lack of hospital jobs in peds in my area I felt it was better to start somewhere than wait. They offer training on vents and other stuff I may not have had exposure to in school.
  5. by   NeedingInfo

    I am in Arizona and recently started working with a pediatric home health agency. Basically I took the job because the hospitals aren't hiring and I can't say that there is one area I really want to work in, I feel that I want to try everything and I really do enjoy working in HH. Everyday is a learning experience. The baby was born premature and is now one with a trach and G Tube. I've attended dr appts and been at the house when PT and OT are there.
  6. by   AdobeRN
    I worked in Pediatric Home heath as a LVN. I enjoyed the job at first, the money was great, the hours were perfect - at the time I was going thru an RN program, but for me I needed more. By the time I left, I was bored and felt like a highly paid babysitter. I applogize if I offend with my last statement.

    I did not do "visits", I was actually in a home for a 8,10, 12 or sometimes 16 hour shift taking care of a child. Since I was PRN I never had a "regular" assignement, I was floated to whatever home needed a nurse - this was my choice. The kids I came across had a variety of disorders - CP, trach & vents, feeding tubes, brain injuries etc. I administered meds, feedings, breathing treatments, ROM, ADL's etc. Sometimes the parents were home but most often they were tending to other siblings, at work or if I worked a night shift they were sleeping. Most of the homes I went to had a nice setup for the nurse - space in the fridge for my lunch, comfy chair, TV etc, but be prepared for the opposite. When I worked during the day I really didnt have much downtime, but at night I had alot of time. I always carried my laptop or a good book to get me thru those slow times - especially when everyone is asleep.

    I usually went on any assignment that was offered to me. But I have to admit, some assignments I requested not to be sent to again - bad neighborhoods, parents that I got a weird vibe from and even one home where the mother actually did everything for the kid and I was supposed to clean up after them, do laundry etc.

    It takes a special person to do this. You will get attached to the kiddos. I actually became good friends with one of the families I worked for. If you have any other questions let me know. Good Luck.
  7. by   snuffy19608
    Watcha wanna know?
  8. by   bringtherain

    Me. LVN home health nurse. I spend 6-8-12 hrs a day at a home with a kiddo. We care for them, play with them, give them their treatments, watch cartoons with them - and give them all the attention they need since they are not able to go out in the world much. (some pts are restricted to home, others do get to venture out, and others can venture out but mainly to drs appts)

    We care for and stimulate the child mentally and physically and read them books and all that good stuff.

    it is a good job, and good money. Sometimes it does feel like a baby-sitter but it is fun at times - and its better to have home care - rather than them being in the hospital all the time. :]
  9. by   nessa_5555
    I have worked in Home Health for 3 Years now. I have worked With Pediatric Home Health for a little over a year now. I work straight midnights with the same child. I love it. I'm not sure what you want to know about it, as each child you work with is different. I use most my skills with my client. Trach care, suctioning, G tube all that jazz. What were you looking for specifically
  10. by   Achicagonurse
    Yes, I started about a year ago 1 day per week. It's a big area - as an RN you can do Nursing Visits, IV therapy or Home Care 1;1 - care of chronically ill child, most with trach, Gtube, Ventilator. You get to change the Trach! I love the experience and you get to know the families. All HomeCare agencies will have you do classes and review policy/procedure on all aspects of HomeCare. Try it you'll like it.
  11. by   robby5313
    I do Home Health and do "visits." Each day is different and I might do 2-6 visits a day. PICC lines (dressing changes) and blood draws, Central lines, phototherapy set ups and follow ups, NG and G-button followups, some NG set-ups, general newborn visits, etc. Most days it is really interesting....lots of different stuff. Some neighborhoods are kind of scarey but not scarey enough where I refused a visit. You can go from a cruddy disgusting apartment to a $750,000 house in a "prestige" neighborhood, you just never know! I have a great boss who is very flexible so I really do like my job! Of course you have to deal with cruddy stuff, like kids on chemo (sad), mean parents or uncooperative kids, etc but for the most part its a great job.
  12. by   PediLove2147
    I am too considering a job in pediatrics home health. I am nervous though because I worked as a PCA for a young girl with a g-tube and felt as another poster said, "a highly paid babysitter." I would hope it would be a different experience as a RN, but I guess it depends on the patient.
  13. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    I'm also feeling like a highly paid babysitter with my cases right now. Actually I'm dreading going into work today.... I may have a new client with more complications so maybe that would be better and it is short shifts. Instead of 10 hours it will be more like 5...
  14. by   PediLove2147
    I posted in May that I was nervous about doing pediatric home care and I was right for being nervous. I have been doing it a year and wow, I need OUT. It has become very monotonous and the parents, AH! Short shifts are definetely better but I don't do them very often.

    Hope your new case works out. I know the feeling of dread.