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  1. nessa_5555

    work in Ontario as Rpn

    If you are willing to go further out of the GTA, you will have better success at gaining employment. Peterborough is where I'm at, and we are looking for nurses for home care. This involves driving from client to client, and we do have some remote areas. The greater Toronto area is saturated with nurses, so keep that in mind when you consider your move.
  2. nessa_5555

    New Grad in Toronto Cannot find job

    Hi there! Have you applied to home health care agencies? Especially in the Peterborough and Kawartha areas? They are hiring right now due to the new palliative care contracts that were initiated by the CCAC.
  3. nessa_5555

    Help! registered practical nurse hiring in Canada

    Peterborough, ON is hiring rpn's/rn's but you having access to a vehicle is mandatory for the community nursing agencies that are hiring
  4. nessa_5555

    It's Nurses Week!

    We got a letter to thank us for working for their company. That's it. Oh well, I got more thanks from my clients which means more to me than a letter mass printed.
  5. nessa_5555

    RN's replaced with RPN"S

    Yes it is ltc or LTC long term care as in nursing or retirement homes
  6. nessa_5555

    RN's replaced with RPN"S

    Have you tried applying for home health care? There are companies in the gta that are hiring. Same with ltc
  7. nessa_5555

    Recent grad..no job :*(

    Good for you! I'm just wondering though why you think you will lose your skills doing homecare though?
  8. nessa_5555

    RPN Jobs in GTA

    If you are worried about your resume, there are companies out their that will work with you to make your resume the best it possibly can be. I would also email it more than just the one time. Dont go overboard, and perhaps give their HR a call and say you are interested in their company and what can you do to apply there? I always fax my resumes but that is just me. The agencies are probably just offering on call because the "new year" for the access centres just started (april) so they have their new budgets and give out more contracts after then.
  9. nessa_5555

    RPN Jobs in GTA

    I know the Scarborough Hospital is looking for RPN's, part time I believe. Rivera INC is looking for RPN's. Rouge Valley, Toronto East General Hospital, and some of the home healthcare agencies are looking for RPN's as well. That's all that I can think of for right now. Hope this helps.
  10. nessa_5555

    RPN Jobs in GTA

    What part of the GTA are you looking at? Durham or Mississauga or somewhere else?
  11. nessa_5555

    Vulnerable Position Screening (Police Check)problem

    Alot of jobs require clean criminal checks and they state so in the advertisement they have. I know doing homecare I have to provide a new police check every year that has to be clean so I can continue to work with pediatric clients. It might be worth it just to have a clean criminal record so that you are not limited in the jobs that you can aquire, and especially with the tightened border securities as well.
  12. nessa_5555

    Confused New Grad...help!

    Northern Ontario is CRAVING for nurses. Alot of reserves or cities are offering signing bonuses and relocation costs because of lack of population and/or health care options. Make sure you research where you will be living and what your duties will include. Sometimes, the more they are willing to pay you, the more remote you may very well be. Best of luck! By the way. If you are looking into doing visit nursing in the community, more jobs will open up in March/April as that is the beginning of their new year for contracts and budgets.
  13. nessa_5555

    Bridging RPN to RN programs in Ontario

    The University of Ontario at Durham College also offers this program
  14. nessa_5555

    How much does your hospital ceo make?

    http://www.hospitalceo.com/category/compensation/ The hospital in my area (Peterborough, Ontario Canada) the CEO made in 2008, $310,982.92. Now, they just slashed about 150 nurses and cut about 31 hospital beds because they are running in a deficit. Fairness? no way.
  15. nessa_5555

    IV Placement on Deaf Child

    He is trying to do this before they restrain him. So when he wakes up and asks for mom, they think that he is trying to rip stuff off and restrain his hands..I know this because one of the nurses stated to mom what he was doing and why he was restrained, then mom states what the sign for mom is. Again it comes down to communication breakdown