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  1. At what cost are we willing to pay?

    I've been a nurse for 23 years working in clinics and LTC. Although my experiences aren't nearly as horrible as yours, I've had my share of toxic work environments, understaffing, crappy management....the list goes on and on. Please believe that the...
  2. Best way to avoid bedside care?

    It's interesting how this varies among areas. The hospital-based Pedi GI clinic I work in, ONLY hires RNs. They recently added a BSN to that requirement!
  3. So I kind of messed up

    When I took my drug test, I was told NOT to divulge any medications I was currently taking. Several days later I received a call from the Lab Director, asking for my pharmacy's phone number. That was it.
  4. What offends you (nursing related)?

    Parents on their cell phones when you enter the room to go over discharge instructions....and don't hang up the damn phone to listen. Parents who arrive late for their appointment, then come out of the exam room 10 minutes after being checked in, de...
  5. Clinicals

    UNMC also.
  6. Odd requests

    Wow.......just wow....!
  7. To trust that, "inner voice.". Also to be grateful for all I have. I have seen patients with sooo much less!
  8. I in huge trouble???

    I once dropped an entire bottle of Hep B vaccination on the floor. Probably 500.00 worth Shattered everywhere! Also dropped a bottle of Lantus-whew that stuff stinks! I agree with the TPN nightmare that stuff NEVER goes away!
  9. panic-attack reaction to compazine

    YESSSS! Perfect way to describe it!
  10. panic-attack reaction to compazine

    I too had this reaction. I accidentally OD'd myself on it, thinking it was Phenergan. Taking every 4 hours! Yikes! I just felt like I couldn't sit still. Just an unbelievable need to keep moving-restless-crawling out of my skin. WORST feeling EVER....
  11. Complications from HCG injections?

    I too tried both. With the hcg my hunger was much better. Also with the hcg I didn't lose weight in my boobs-which is the first place I lost it without the hcg-weird!
  12. medication to dry up breast milk?

    Yes, my daughter was born in 1993 and I think they JUST stopped using it!
  13. If I had a dollar for every time I heard, "be good or the nurse is gonna give you a shot!". Those are the same parents who can't figure out why the kid is petrified to go to the doctor!
  14. Nurses ordering meds

    Yes I guess it would be the same as LTC or a hospital. The orders wouldnt get signed right away there either. And the patient would be getting the ordered meds before they were co-signed in that situation as well.
  15. medication to dry up breast milk?

    It was Parlodel. Worked for my first 2. They banned it before #3. Never had so much pain! It was horrible! Couldn't breast feed as kids were highly allergic!