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  1. robby5313

    Nurses working without health insurance

    I am under my husbands insurance. We pay 26.00/wk for family coverage health/dental/vision. $300 deductible per person and no co-pay for office visits. Everything else is covered 80%. I tell him over and over how lucky he is to have such good insurance. Insurance through my employer (a hospital) would be about $600.00 a month (and not NEARLY as good of coverage.)
  2. robby5313

    Student Loan Defaulters ONLY

    Your student loan is 500.00? Holy Cow. How much are your loans?
  3. robby5313

    Student Loan Defaulters ONLY

    I was young and dumb and allowed my loans to go into default. Marriage trouble, etc. etc. I was one of the lucky ones that was able to to include mine in my bankruptcy before they changed the laws. But be aware you will obviously not be eligible for any more loans, financial aid.....NOTHING! My nursing lisence was not affected. They will tack on HUGE and I mean HUGE penalties...almost as much as the loans themselves. They can take your tax return each year, garnish your wages and yes, take anything in your bank account. Don't do it unless you absolutely have no other choice.
  4. robby5313

    *Easy* things I just hate doing

    I always hated this too! And VS...not hard...just a pain. Mixing up 25 Miralaxes in the morning
  5. robby5313

    What have other nurses done that have freaked you out?

    I had a DON refuse to allow me to order 10 cc. saline syringes to flush a patients PICC. I was told to "just use the 3 cc. ones we have and push it real slow." Uh....no thanks. I refused and told her if she wanted to...be my guest!
  6. robby5313

    Nurse with Body Odor

    I know some people simply have a weird body chemistry that causes certain odors. I would suggest an anonymous....NICE SYMPATHETIC note, explaining that you wanted her to be aware of it, because possibly she dosen't know she had an odor.
  7. robby5313

    Ominous physical symptoms

    yep, when they say, "I won't be here tommorow," or "I think I am going to die." Listen.....cuz they usually are right! I agree with the Hospice patient or dying patient....when they perk up and start talking, drinking, eating, after not doing so for a time....not good.
  8. robby5313

    Plz read!!! Nurse using drugs what should i do???

    I feel you need to report this. You have a legitimate concern. Would it be okay if she were getting stoned on Demerol, Xanax, Hydrocodone, alcohol and then working? It is a mind-altering drug....plain and simple. And it is illegal. Just because she tests positive for drugs dosen't mean that she will lose her license. There are drug treatment programs and substance abuse programs that work with nurses. As far as abuse of her children.....hell yes it is abuse. Hello! she is smoking marijuana and pregnant. Not to mention if her other kids are exposed when she smokes. Do the right thing!
  9. robby5313

    Feeling guilty about working over shift end

    I agree that giving meds at the same time would be helpful......if state walks in at 7 p.m. (and they have for me!) you would be screwed! And unfortunately they don't really care that you have way too much work to do! I'm not flaming you.....trust me..I've been there. Just my 2 cents!
  10. robby5313

    School should help with boy's insulin pump, mom says

    okay I understand that the person is "just inputting the carbs." So what happens when the enter...say 200 carbs instead of 20, or 300 instead of 30. Maybe there is a safety mechanism there that prevents that...but there is waaaayyy to much room for error here. Mom should come in to the school each day to do it if she wants her child to attend THIS school. Heck, as a nurse I would be hesitant to do this without alot of training....let alone a lay person...sheesh!
  11. robby5313

    How common is it for employer to pay for BSN?

    My company reimburses $2,000 a year after you have worked there a year. There are no contractual obligations with that.
  12. robby5313

    I just got fired... what the hell happened?

    I too believe you. 15 years ago I was having a relationship with one of the PA's in our office. We were both going through a divorce at the time. Albeit, probably not the best decision but we were both fired. I felt this was extremely unfair. We maintained a business relationship at work and were NEVER, I repeat NEVER inappropriate. One of the transcriptionist stated that the PA was saying sexually suggestive things to me on his transcription tape.....WHAT???? Never ever happened. When it came time for my unemployment hearing on the phone, the office manager (who also happened to be one of the physician's wives) testified and made up SOOO many things about me. Things that were completely made up. Absurd. She also said that these things were written up in my personnel file and signed. I asked to see this as I knew darn well that it didn't exist. Turns out I did get unemployment for the 3 weeks I was out of work....but in our state you can be fired for whatever they want....unless it violates your civil rights....so I wasn't able to sue them.
  13. robby5313

    study find NO progress in Safety at hospitals

    When I worked in LTC I actually stopped writing people up, because whenever I did.....you guessed it.....nothing happened. So when I got in trouble for writing someone up for sleeping---"I must have just noticed her nodding off." Yeah....I always have my head cranked back against the back of the couch snoring when I "nod off"too. Just didn't help. We had the "chosen one" who could do no wrong and got away with murder. I just had to give up.
  14. robby5313

    HIPPA for employees?

    Yes, it is none of anyone's business where your scars came from. Yes, if they ask you directly you should tell the truth. but again, if they hold that against you it would be discrimination. If you are clean and sober then good for you!
  15. robby5313

    Blood, Bodily Fluids and Germs OH MY!

    At our facility we HAVE to mask, glove and gown to go into a MRSA room. You also cannot bring ANYTHING out of the room that has been in with the patient.....this includes your pen and notes! Then, when they leave, you have to spray the room down (every surface) and then leave it for 30 minutes.......ridiculousness. And it dosen't matter where they had the MRSA...it could have been a sore that has been healed for years....still have to take the precautions!