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    At what cost are we willing to pay?

    I've been a nurse for 23 years working in clinics and LTC. Although my experiences aren't nearly as horrible as yours, I've had my share of toxic work environments, understaffing, crappy management....the list goes on and on. Please believe that there ARE good nursing jobs out there!! Five years ago I began working in a pediatric specialty clinic and absolutely LOVE it! I'm guessing most clinic positions involve taking a pay cut, but sometimes your happiness and sanity are more important than money. Sure, there are times that I'm stressed out and don't feel that I will ever get all of my work done. But that stress is nowhere near the level I experienced in my previous jobs. My husband is relieved that I no longer come home and rant for hours!! Good clinic jobs are out there. I wouldn't go back for ANY amount of money!!
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    Best way to avoid bedside care?

    It's interesting how this varies among areas. The hospital-based Pedi GI clinic I work in, ONLY hires RNs. They recently added a BSN to that requirement!
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    So I kind of messed up

    When I took my drug test, I was told NOT to divulge any medications I was currently taking. Several days later I received a call from the Lab Director, asking for my pharmacy's phone number. That was it.
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    What offends you (nursing related)?

    Parents on their cell phones when you enter the room to go over discharge instructions....and don't hang up the damn phone to listen. Parents who arrive late for their appointment, then come out of the exam room 10 minutes after being checked in, demanding to know why they haven't been seen yet. Or...arrive 45 minutes early and complain about the wait before it's even time for their appointment. Kid with dirty faces, hands, feet, crusty snotty noses, etc. Seriously? You knew you were coming to an appointment! At the very least, break out the wet wipes!
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    UNMC also.
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    Odd requests

    Wow.......just wow....!
  7. To trust that, "inner voice.". Also to be grateful for all I have. I have seen patients with sooo much less!
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    crap...am I in huge trouble???

    I once dropped an entire bottle of Hep B vaccination on the floor. Probably 500.00 worth Shattered everywhere! Also dropped a bottle of Lantus-whew that stuff stinks! I agree with the TPN nightmare that stuff NEVER goes away!
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    panic-attack reaction to compazine

    YESSSS! Perfect way to describe it!
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    panic-attack reaction to compazine

    I too had this reaction. I accidentally OD'd myself on it, thinking it was Phenergan. Taking every 4 hours! Yikes! I just felt like I couldn't sit still. Just an unbelievable need to keep moving-restless-crawling out of my skin. WORST feeling EVER. I called my Dr and got Zyprexa. That helped Thank God! Didn't realize the mistake I had made until about a month later.
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    Complications from HCG injections?

    I too tried both. With the hcg my hunger was much better. Also with the hcg I didn't lose weight in my boobs-which is the first place I lost it without the hcg-weird!
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    Nurses ordering meds

    Okay I have a question about ordering meds. Let's just say that you work in a clinic situation. The patient is seen by the doctor, then the doctor comes to you and tells you his orders. Sometimes the orders are written on a piece of paper but not always. The nurse then enters the orders: meds, labs procedures, etc in the computer and signs. The med orders then get e-scripted to the pharmacy. The meds can then be picked up. These orders are cosigned by the MD- but the problem is, this could be a week later. We have tried to get the providers to enter their own, but they pretty much refuse. Is this legal? Within the scope of practice?
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    medication to dry up breast milk?

    Yes, my daughter was born in 1993 and I think they JUST stopped using it!
  14. If I had a dollar for every time I heard, "be good or the nurse is gonna give you a shot!". Those are the same parents who can't figure out why the kid is petrified to go to the doctor!
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    Nurses ordering meds

    Yes I guess it would be the same as LTC or a hospital. The orders wouldnt get signed right away there either. And the patient would be getting the ordered meds before they were co-signed in that situation as well.
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    medication to dry up breast milk?

    It was Parlodel. Worked for my first 2. They banned it before #3. Never had so much pain! It was horrible! Couldn't breast feed as kids were highly allergic!
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    Nurses ordering meds

    Okay I do realize what transcription is, but in the "olden days" we also had the hard copy to follow that the doctor signed. Being it is electronic now-I realize the doctor has to go in and cosign the orders-but as I said-my concern is, if I entered what I was told, there is a mistake, patient picks up med, has adverse reaction---doctor says "I didn't order that!" or "that's not the dose I ordered-" where is the liability? When order isn't cosigned for a week?
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    im injection

    Yes, I graduated in 2003 and we were also taught not to aspirate. I still do, however, because when I graduated with my LPN in 1993 it was kind of drilled into our heads, so I guess it's habit!
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    Stupid things said by your non-nurse significant other

    Hubby went to Dr and they prescribed Celebrex. I told him that it is an anti-inflammatory. "No," he said, "It's an NSAID." I again told him yes, it is an anti-inflammatory. "No, I told you, it's an NSAID!" I then explained what NSAID stands for.
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    Things you'd LOVE to tell coworkers...and get away with it!

    No I'm sorry I did not get your 6 am treatments started at 4 am for you. I worked 6 am to 6 pm and then I was told I needed to stay over until 4 am. Sure I had a choice-go home and not have a job or stay. You are lucky I was able to stay awake and coherant until 4 am. You are one of the laziest b;(&$s I have ever worked with. Every day you do less than the previous.
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    How am I going to get the time off for a tummy tuck?

    I'm not gonna lie- when I first woke up I thought, "what the heck did I do?" Only not in those exact words! But that only lasted for maybe a day. The next day I was just taking ibuprofen and doing great. After that it was more "discomfort" than anything. The abdominal binder helped so I didn't feel my insides were falling out! Having to take a sponge bath for two weeks though was not fun. You will need someone to help you the first couple days. You will need someone to empty your drains and just take care of you in general. If my hubby wasn't there I would not have emptied them! The first day was pretty rough. Yes, I have a scar and yes, it goes from hip to hip--but when you have a gut that looked like a deflated balloon- the scar is worth it. They took about 6 inches of extra skin off of me. I weighed 110 pounds but needed to wear a bigger size because of my gut. My hubby said he didnt care, that he loved me just the way I was- but I did it for ME! I had to have a revision because he didn't take enough off the first time. (they have to be careful that they don't take too much). Even having it done twice---worth every penny!
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    Stupid things said by your non-nurse significant other

    My DH made the mistake of asking if, when I got done with school would I be a "real nurse.". I was an LPN at the time studying for my RN. When I said "yes I AM a nurse," he said, "Yeah but you'll have a license and stuff then.". Needless to say he was sorry he asked!
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    How am I going to get the time off for a tummy tuck?

    This was what heard from people and it was soooo frustrating! I don't care how long i worked out....my stomach was not going to get better. It was a lot of loose skin. Had my tummy tuck and never looked back. I went back to work after 6 days....BIG mistake. Take the time off. I probably would have been okay after two weeks but I wasn't pushing a med cart. Good luck! You'll be glad you did it!
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    Medical Equipment ???'s

    YEP--I agree. I too have an ultrascope and I love it. I had a really hard time hearing with any other ones. You have such a big selection that it is less likely that someone (a doctor or other nurse) will walk off with it. I know some people use the cheapies at the hospital but I couldn't hear squat. I swear I could hear an ant fart with mine!
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    Drug tests

    Yes-what Montecarlo said. The MD from the lab just called and asked where I got my Adderall filled-that was it. So very sorry for your loss.

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