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  1. My sons (almost 5 months) right foot turns inward when I put him in the standing position (about 75% of the time). My wife had bilat clubfeet at birth that was corrected with 6 months of cast wearing. Our pediatrician made no mention of his feet, but to be honest he is very laid back (which in general I like).
    Does anyone know what to look for in the early stages of club feet? I have tried to search the web for resources but the pickens is slim. any info/links would be appreciated.
    Brad, Denise and baby Christopher.
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  3. by   Alley Cat
    My experience has been that if they have a parent with this problem, a lot of kids will develop it as well, but it's kind of practitioner-dependent when to start treatment. I have a friend who had this problem as a child and of her 3 children, only her son has had to have orthopedic treatment; he has worn splints inside of his shoes the last 2-3 years, is now 6 years old and doing well. His worst complaint was that he couldn't wear cowboy boots while he had to wear splints . The docs wanted to wait and see with all of her kids until they were walking; they did recommend high top supportive-type shoes (not tennis shoes) while they were learning to walk, and this may be the approach you want to take. Try using Google to do a search; I've found it to pull up pretty reliable resources. Good luck!
  4. by   canoehead
    According to my texts if the foot/feet can be manipulated into a normal position the watch/wait approach is used because with walking and growth the foot will naturally adjust into a normal position.
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    originally posted by canoehead
    according to my texts if the foot/feet can be manipulated into a normal position the watch/wait approach is used because with walking and growth the foot will naturally adjust into a normal position.
  6. by   Groovydogg
    Thanks everybody. The foot can be manipulated into a normal position. The only "abnormal" thing is that A, he never puts the right foot firmly on the ground (toes touch, heel is up), and B, when he is "forced" to put that foot down it rolls on to the side more often than not. I was guess that the wait and see approach would be most appropriate. All my texts basically said it was an obvious condition. And if I have to ask it can't be too obvious. Also there seems to be no leg involvement at all.
  7. by   prmenrs
    I have seen young babies casted to help encourage the bones to grow into a normal position. It's a pretty benign project--the casts are changed frequently to assess and re-apply. when I had a premie w/ a very obvious club foot, we started casting in the NICU--I advocated for it, thinking it would be easier when his bones were so soft--mostly caartilage at that point--the MD attending agreed w/me, and it worked very well for the baby--he was almost through w/the treatmentby the time he was d/c'd fromt he NICU.

    What has the pediatrician said? Can you ask for a referral to a peds ortho doc?
  8. by   Groovydogg
    the pediatrician is very laid back and I am not sure that he would say anything. At this point it is only a concern between my wife and I.
  9. by   nurs4kids
    Actually, that is not an abnormal finding in an infant so young. It will more often than not, correct as he begins bearing weight on his own. Our ortho docs frequently do surgery and then cast for 6wks post op for club foot, but I imagine these are severe cases (you know, we never get to see the preop..just the post. Anyhow, enjoy that baby..quit worrying. I'll bet ya anything that as soon as he's OLD ENOUGH to be expected to bear weight it'll correct on it's own. Good luck!
  10. by   cakarol

    My son has a clubbed foot. He is 18 months old and we were actually able to catch the problem via untrasound before he was even born. At first we thought it was just a positional "thing"...they way he was in utero but have realized that it is a true clubbed foot - which is a neuro muscular disorder. Which means that if it is a TRUE clubbed foot it would be wise to start treatment soon. Noah (my son) was placed in a cast within hours of being born. He was in a cast for about 6 months, then a splint. He had a heel cord release at about 8 months old. (not only did the foot turn in, it also rolled on it's side instead of the flat of his foot) which is the only reason he had the surgery. He now wears special shoes and a dennis brown bar at 45 degree angles outward at night. And let me tell you - it sure doesn
    't slow him down!!!!!

    I agree with what prmenrs says....the younger they are the easier it is to manipulate the foot. Plus, there is less resisitance by the child. They adjust much easier that trying to treat an older child. The cast never bothered Noah because he never really new anything different.

    Personally - I would want to touch base with an ortho - possibly even a pediatric ortho just to make sure. Especially if your ped is laid back. I'd hate for you to really have to fight the condition later if you could start treatment least just to put your mind at ease!

    I don't know where you are located but I know some GREAT ortho's!!!

    I'd be happy to give you some names or even just share more of my experiences with you - feel free to pm or email me:

    It's rather interesting - i'm thining of going into ortho after i graduate nursing school!

    Best of luck to you either way!!!!