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Pearsonvue Trick Help!

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I took NCLEX yesterday, 83 questions, 30+SATA. I left the centre, drove by Starbucks and relaxed a bit after weeks of studying. I arrived home 2 hours after I finished my exam and immediately went to my computer and try the pearsonvue trick but the site was under maintenance or something. This morning, I tried it again, website was up, but it brought me to the credit card page! My heart broke and I cried for hours.

What surprised me though, was a friend called me saying that her friend told her that the pearsonvue trick doesn't work anymore!

Is it true? Anyone can confirm this please?

I'm so anxious and depressed and I'm crying and i'm all over the place I don't know what to do anymore. I just want to know if the trick is even working--that I failed--or they updated their website so that people must use the quickresult option.

There have been many threads on this topic today...you might find them of assistance:





It seems as if PV has fixed the glitch that allowed us to complete the PV trick. Now it seems that you must wait for Quick Results or risk paying the $200 non-refundable amount that it costs to re-register. Hope this helps! Good Luck.

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golly me! I'm just so distraught my mind wasn't working properly! thank you for your help. Apparently, it's still not certain that I failed. I can finally stop crying. Will pay quickresults tomorrow and see what happens. THANK YOU!

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The PVT is still alive... it's just been rearranged apparently. You DO input your CC info and go to the 2nd step in the process. From there you may get a new popup or it'll allow you to finalize your payment (don't do this). There's a thread that's just popped up that shows pretty much what the new process is.

It is a little different and everyone starts out at the CC page. It's the next step in a 3 step process where you find out if you pass or fail.

This is a link to where someone figured out the new PVT.


Do not try the new trick. If you pay the $200, it is not refundable and you lose it if you passed

I took my boards on Aug 22,2014, and after fishing i did the trick and i got the good pop. I checked later that day, and i also got the pop up. I didnt log in until sunday morning because i knew it was scheduled for maintenance on saturday 23. When i checked on sunday morning it took me to the cc page. I believe i was one of the lucky few who was able to take advantage of the pearson vue God given trick. But yes i did worry in the beggining and i wont be celebrating until i receive my official notice in the mail. I wish you luck