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Hi all! If you've landed on this thread chances are you have or are recently taking your NCLEX. Congratulations! I promised that I would give my opinion about the validity of the pearson vue trick after I got my results. I tested on Saturday 9/5/15 at 8am. I received somewhere between 240-265 questions. My anxiety was so high I stopped looking at what number I was on. I finished the test at about 12pm and like most felt like a complete failure. I was debating whether or not to do the pearson vue trick because it was that difficult. However, after about 15 minutes in the car I decided to just check and get it over with. I signed into pearson, acted like I was going to reregister, put in a valid CC, hit submit and got the good pop up which says "our records indicate you have recently scheduled this exam...." I wasn't convinced the PVT until I paid for my quick results 44 hours later. Turns out I did in fact pass! The trick worked for myself and everyone in my class.

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Um you may not want to try this because its really risky!! People have been charged for the exam again and found out they passed the first time so be very careful and use a different strategy. I also heard on here that someone used an invalid exp date for the credit card and was still charged for the exam. Be wise in choosing!!!!!!


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It worked for everyone in my cohort as well as the 2 cohorts after that. It's not a guaranteed until you get results but it certainly let me breath better. Congrats by the way.