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Hey guys! I recently sat for NCLEX today around noon! I took 75 questions in 2hrs. I did the trick about 6 hours after testing and it says "The candidate currently has test results that are on hold. A new registration can not be created at this time." I have no idea how to interpret this "pop up" I did not have any technical trouble with my computer/test. However, after the test concluded the test proctor asked me did I receive headphones prior to testing. I informed her that no one gave me audio headphone. She stated that Pearson requires them to "make a case" since I didn't receive headphones. I have no idea as to what "make a case" means. I'm freaking out because I failed at 248 the first time I sat for Nclex! So I was really hoping for a better sign this time around. Any advice? Has anyone had the experience before ???? HELP!!!

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That pop up doesn't mean you passed or failed. You'll just have to wait for them to finish their review.

Did you ask them what "make a case" means? I would have.

She said that "make a case" means that they would have to let the Pearson people know that I didn't have any headphones. Im just worried that I won't recwive my results on tomorrow;Sunday... since it's the weekend

You should be able to do quick result no matter what day, weekday or weekend. If you don't find out after two days, I would call Pearson. Best of luck!

Did you end up passing with "Results on Hold"? I just recieved the same message. I had 75 questions in 2.5 hours.

Did you take your NCLEX-RN exam in California by any chance?

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