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New Grad RN seeking a position in an acute care patient setting!

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  1. Hi there! I'd like to know if anyone has gone into Home Health as their first nursing job? If so, what were some pros and cons about it? Did you end up staying or leaving for another specialty and if you did leave, did your home health experience help? I'd love to know everyone's thoughts! Thank you 🙂
  2. beytsc_

    Glendale Memorial New Grad Program 2020

    for those who got an interview, how long did it take for them to contact you after you applied?
  3. Hi! Did anyone apply to Southern California Hospital's new grad program in Culver City? Also if anyone has gone through their program before, I'd like to get some insight on your experience and/or about the hiring process! Thanks! 🙂
  4. beytsc_

    Glendale Memorial New Grad Program 2020

    ohh nice! good luck to you! 😀
  5. beytsc_

    Glendale Memorial New Grad Program 2020

    Hi! Did they contact you by email or phone?
  6. Hello! Has anyone applied to Southern California Hospital's new grad program in Culver City? They just opened the application this week. Also, if anyone is working there and has gone through their program, I would love to know how the hiring process was like and/or your experience! Thank you 🙂
  7. Hi all! Has anyone applied to Southern California hospital's new grad program at Culver City or has gone through it before? I'd like to know your thoughts and experience with the hiring process and/or the program itself! Thank you! 🙂
  8. beytsc_

    Glendale Memorial New Grad Program 2020

    none for me so far! I'm still under review.
  9. beytsc_

    Glendale Memorial New Grad Program 2020

    I applied for med-surg! Hope we hear back from them soon!
  10. beytsc_

    Providence TIP Program September 2020

    Hi!! I'm also in Mount's RN-BSN program, graduating in August 2020! I've submitted my application and on-demand video interview already. So far my status says that they've received my submission, last updated on 5/28. I chose Med-Surg/Tele, Postpartum, and Labor & Delivery 🙂 and chose Saint Joseph Burbank and Mission Hills!
  11. beytsc_

    White Memorial New Grad Program March 2020

    Hi there! Was this for their L&D New Grad residency program? I applied for that position and when they emailed me to do the HireVue video interview, the position said "AHWM RN Residency Program - 3/2020". If so, I haven't heard back from them either! The last date they reviewed my application was on Feb. 21st.
  12. it was for an offer! He said they took their time for his cohort so I guess it depends on each cohort? I totally get you though! I just want to get at least some response! Hopefully we can hear back soon!
  13. Hi all! I'm currently in an RN-BSN program and I'll be finishing up this summer. Currently, I'm not working however, I am on the job hunt since my program is 100% online. Most of the hospital's new grad programs require letter of recommendations and I was wondering if it's possible to get an online professor to write one for you if requested? Has anyone tried doing so? Would love to know your thoughts and insights! Thank you 🙂
  14. Hello all! I had an interview at Kaiser LAMC/Sunset last week for their Feb 2020 New Grad RN cohort - I was wondering for those who interviewed there before, how long did you guys wait till you received a call or email from them? I haven't gotten any updates recently. Thanks in advance!
  15. Hi all! For those of you who interviewed at Kaiser LAMC/Sunset for their New Grad RN program starting this February, has anyone received a call or email from them? The interviews were held last week so I was wondering if there have been any updates recently. Please feel free to comment and share! Thank you so much!
  16. Hi all! I have an interview with Kaiser LAMC (Sunset location) in January for their New Grad program starting Feb. 2020. Can anyone give me insight on how the interview process is like? What kind of questions they ask? Is it an individual or group interview? Please share some advice/tips as well! They'd be greatly appreciated! 🙂

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