Pearson Vue Trick on iPhone--any problems?

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Hi all! I take my test tomorrow and was wondering if anyone had trouble checking the pearson vue trick on their iPhones. I live over an hour away from my testing site and would rather check right away. BUT If people are having trouble getting the pop ups on an iPhone i definitely want to wait so I don't freak myself out :) Any help would be appreciated!

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Hi there.

I tried the trick on my iPhone as well after I tested. Worked for me.

Good Luck!


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Works for me. Never had any problems.


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work on chazz's iPhone 5s :cool:


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It worked for me, but if I can give one small piece of advice... how will you react when you learn if you've passed or failed? I was a hot mess just walking out of that room. I waited until I got home 45 mins away to check and I started crying so hard my dogs came to check on me :)

ETA: oops, just realized you posted this several days ago, hope you passed!

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