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pBt02 monitoring brain tissue oxygenation?

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Anyone else using these brain tissue oxygenation devices? I have just started a new travel assignment where the doc is using these on many of our patients. But, the previous neuro icu's I've worked at,.....big teaching hopsitals that I consider cutting edge weren't using them.


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We just started using them about 3 months ago. More than anything they seem to be good predictors of pt survival.

nrsang97, BSN, RN

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We don't use them very often. I work at a large Level 1 trauma center in Detroit.

just used one this week. we have been using them more and more. i find that it makes head trauma's alot more interesting to work with. i think our protocol is to keep the pb02 between 20-40 and we got a bunch of what to do's if the icp and pb02 vary.

Hello! We used to use these a lot when I worked in the ICU. Very interesting devices when used properly. They did a huge study on these when they first were introduced to our unit, found that brain tissue actually survived more abundantly when you specifically watched the brain tissue temperature and oxygenation and kept them in specific ranges. Ideally, the brain liked to be cooler (we usually kept our patients at around 97.0 F. Which is tough in a head injury!). These devices are fantastic...wish someone had taught our residents how to use them properly. The attendings tended to react appropriately when the numbers went askew, the residents acted more like there was a machine defect. It's been about a year since I used one, but if you have some specific questions, I can try to help you out! :nuke: What a tough device to learn on a travel assignment!


They're called Licox and they've been around for a few years now.

I work in a level 1 trauma ED and one of the neurosurgeons placed a Licox in one of my trauma pts in the ED last week, which is odd because they usually wait until the pts get upto the SICU to put in ventrics or Licox bolts. They're pretty cool.

I used to work at Jefferson's Neuro ICU in Philly and they were used very often, along with tunnel ventrics.


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Yes, in our Neuro-Icu, we always use the Licox to monitor the Brain oxygenation of the severly head injured patients and we also put these with some of the patients with SAH. This is very good monitoring device as you will be able to see the brain oxygenation and brain temperatue of the patient, and to be honest most of the patients who had this continuous monitoring devise were able to survive and had a good recovery due to the fact that we are not only relying on the ABG's of the patient to monitor the oxygenation level of the patient but also we are able to keep an eye with the brain oxygenation of the patient. sometimes, patient requires 100% FiO2 for hours to maintain brain oxygen up to 20KPA to maintain cerebral perfusion of the brain. I was very surprised when we just started using this machine as I am wotking in Neuro ICu for many years, before, I was only relying on ABG's and now realised that some patients despite that they have a PO2 above 13kpa but with high ICP, and once the doctor put the Licox monitoring device, you will see how low the brain o2 of the patient. this is a very good monitoring device for good recovery of the patients with TBI.:)

athena55, BSN, RN

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Hello Angel1966, Azzurri, LittleLindz:

Thank you all very much for your response to the OP question regarding pBtO2 monitoring.

My question now is: Is there a specific web site related to this? I am VERY interested and would really like more information. Perhaps even attempt to indroduce it where I am at now.

Thanks in advance!



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Hi Athena55,

Yes you can go to the INTEGRA website as they are the one who introduce the LICOX and they will also give you all the informations and trainings about this device. Hope this will help.:)

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