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I recently went through a patient making false allegations against me. The patient reported that I physically abused them by pulling them out of bed which then caused them to have chest pain. This patient didn't report this until 2 days after the fact and then proceeds to tell everyone that will listen. I by no means ever touched this patient in any physical threatening way. I was placed on administrative leave so they can investigate it. I was found by the hospital to be not guilty and was allowed back to work.

I understand the patient has the right to report whatever they want, but to go so far as to make false allegations is just wrong! Every nurse at my hosptial now knows what has happened since the patient felt the need to tell everyone and their brother! I typed out my side of the story, and my co-workers know that I would NEVER have done such a thing. Now I constantly worry about the state coming in and questioning me on something that never happened.

I have been told by so many people that I need to seek an attorney, due to this patient already seeking one. I feel as if it is this patients word against mine. This patient has a long psych history and takes valium on a regular occurance. I have not been able to sleep and it's been over a month. There has to be something that protects our license from patients making false allegations. Please help!


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I'm sorry that happened to you. I had a pt report sexual abuse to me against another nurse and I am 99.9% sure the nurse is innocent. I felt horrible but I had to report it to management. He was also found innocent.

Since the hospital found you innocent, that is good right there, but it wouldn't hurt to talk to a lawyer, just in case it escalates.

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I have posted about my friend before. A very confused patient told his daughter that some man had sex with him. She believed him although she knew he was confused outta his mind. She accused my friend, a male, of raping her father. She had him sent to the er for eval, called the cops..all of it. My friend was interrogated by the police numerous times, often in the middle of the night. The cops would tell him "you know you raped him just admit it and we will stop this!". once they interrogated him for TWELVE hours straight. He was out of work for 6 months just trying to prove himself innocent. The state investigated, the facility investigated and both cleared him based on the physical evidence...or lack of and the pt's alzheimers but the cops wouldnt clear him. it took him 6 months to get cleared.

so my advice? get a lawyer asap!


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southernbee, that is a terrible story, and what makes it worse is that it could happen to anyone, we are so vunerable

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There seems to be no protection for our licences. Due to the nature of our jobs we are often alone with our patients. It truely is our word against thier's, and they have all the rights. Get a Lawyer! If this patient is going to sue the facility, rest assured, they will leave you alone ion the cross-hairs.

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Get a lawyer and sue the patient.

Its &*((^&( that patients think they can falsely accuse nurses of assault when their was not assualt.

Makes me mad. Sometimes I think pts do it to get out of paying their medical bills. I think


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If you have call them ASAP and let them know what is going on. Being placed on administrative leave so they can investigate is standard. They have to do that even if they know you are innocent so don't take offense to that.

We have been taking witnesses into rooms with us when dealing with patients that are confused, etc. This happened at my facility some time ago and the nurses decided to protect themselves when a patient wasn't of sound mind by bringing someone in with them for protection. It's a shame it has to come to that but without a witness it is your word against theirs. I'm not taking that chance.

Gut tells me you will be fine here. You were cleared and returned to work. Medical records will show her extensive psych history as well as any drugs she was taking. That said you need to call your insurance company at once to make them aware should she sue. If you don't have insurance contact a lawyer ASAP. Protect yourself ane be sure to document, document, document.

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i also advise getting a lawyer, if only for a consult for now.

so he didn't report his chest pains til 2 days later?

that alone lacks credibility, to me.

i'm so sorry this is happening.

keep us updated please?



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There is a saying. He who calls the cops first wins. I would contact an attorney and make the first move. If you don't protect yourself noone else will.


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This is outrageous, no one ever stands behind us nurses. No wonder, nurses leave this profession in droves. Who wants to deal with all that? A is really a must here. I can't even imagine being accused of something like that, but it can really happen.

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