How do I get passed a "90 day probation period?"

  1. Recently my boss called me and my fellow LPN charge nurse for a conference stating that I have been receiving too many complaints by the residents saying that they don't want me helping them. ๐Ÿ˜” She continued by saying this is a warning with a 90 day probation and I know youre a hard worker and a good employee but you're just gonna have to do better and this has already been discussed with " the admin. and cleared.

    I felt violated betrayed and scared to the point where I don't even want to see that place. What do I do? How can I improve, and how do I get passed constantly being called in the office and harrassed. How do I get passed this 90 day probation that I didn't deserve in the first place? They said next step is termination for any reason. I don't know what else I can do. I love my job and the residents seem to like me. I'm friendly to them and do everything they ask me to do. I just don't think I deserve this type of treatment. It's not fair and it's not right. I'm always on time I work doubles and I never call in or complain. I do most the work around there and they still don't seem to appreciate me just bc I'm a pca Any advice would be greatly appreciated. How do I get passed this probation without any problems? What does this mean for my career?, I'm scared and desperate for answers.

    Why do these people have to be so rude for? Then I have problems out of the patients they cuss at me hit me report me for no reason . I just generally need advice on everything. I have so many concerns about the probation. I'm gonna worry myself half to death thinking I'm gonna get fired. When my fellow pcas saw me crying they said they felt like I was just being picked on and it needs to stop bc I'm a good employee. When others just sit around and don't do anything and the bosses watch the cameras like it's television. I'm scared to death to go to work now. But they said it'll be fine. That the probation will go by quickly. And I will be glad when it does be a use I really need my job.

    But I also stated that I am not going to give up if they want me gone so bad then they will just have to freak in fire me. I'm tired of this ********? Then they call the police and have them look at the cameras when they threaten to fire me. They are in the wrong and karma is a *****! Thank you for listen I g to this rant! Has anyone else ever experienced this before? How did you get passed the probation and still keep your job. Any advice as I say is so very much appreciated.
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    I need advice on what a 90 day probation really means. What did I do that was so wrong ? How can I correct my mistakes so I can do better and be able to correct them after the probation is over? Help me please! I'm scared and very desparate for any advice.

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  3. by   Nurse Beth
    To keep your job, go to your manager and say "I appreciate your feedback on my performance. I really want to improve. Can you help me understand specifically what I need to do differently?" Then listen carefully. Do not argue; do not be defensive.

    It's very important that you receive no more resident complaints. If you don't know what is triggering the concerns, ask your manager or charge what they think is at the bottom of the complaints. You may be unaware of aspects of your performance that are threatening your job.

    Once you and your manager agree on a performance improvement plan, meet regularly to make sure you are on track. "I'd like to meet with you in a week to check in". If you are meeting your goals, your job will be much more secure. Best wishes.
  4. by   CrunchRN
    Oh my. Very difficult situation.
  5. by   Pixie.RN
    I am a little confused โ€” you said the residents like you, but then you said they report you? And I am confused where the police become involved. This doesn't sound like a good environment. Sometimes the better solution is to not plant your feet and tell them they'll have to fire you to get rid of you โ€” because they will. It's probably time to give your notice and look elsewhere. No matter who is at fault in this situation, it's clear that this is not a good place for you if this is coming out of the blue from your perspective and causing you so much distress. Best of luck.
  6. by   caliotter3
    I would look for a job elsewhere. It sounds as if your supervisors did not give you specifics, and the residents have glommed on to a behavior pattern that will be tough to break. You can't improve if there is really nothing to improve upon, and you can't make them give your specifics if they don't have specific problems to be concerned with. Neither can you get the residents to stop complaining if they are getting some kind of positive attention from others for doing so. Now all of these examples given are if you truly aren't doing anything questionable. On the other hand, if you are doing or saying things that could be changed, chances are high that you won't find out unless you do your own introspection. Get another job and think about your job performance before, during, and after each shift. Good luck.
  7. by   SDboyy
    Follow Nurse Beth's advice. You need to be proactive in this situation.You need a performance improvement plan in writing, formalized, scheduled meetings for constant feedback to ensure milestones are being made. You need transparency above all, and your manager needs to know you are focused on improving. If you spend time at work worrying about making mistakes, you WILL make them, guaranteed.
    Getting upset and defensive,rightly or wrongly, will only justify their decision to put you on probation and/or release you.

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