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I'm just "polling". What is the passing grade for the semester in your nursing program? This is not counting prerequisites but only nursing classes. In our school, it's an 80. Anything below that is failing.

What is it at yours?

Good luck to everyone on their finals. Two down, three to go!

anything below a 78% at my school is failing.

Our passing grade is 75


It varies, depending on the course. For A&P I & II it was 80, for maths for meds it was 90, some courses are 70, some are 60. I guess it depends on the importance that the school puts on the course. Our clinical placements and labs are pass/fail... no grade.

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We have to have a 75% on our exams, before any other work is considered. If we have a 74 before the exams, they will add the other work in, report that grade to the school, and then you will be kicked out.

Our passing grade is 77%.

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70% or higher is considered passing in my program.

75 for us too.

78% on exams.

90% on the drug calculation test.

At my school it is a GPA of 3.0 on nursing courses. We need a C in each class, but our total GPA must be a 3.0 to continue.

In math for meds we need an average score of 90 to be eligible to take the final, but then the final figures the total grade and if one doesn't do a 90 then it will affect total score. I had a 93% going in... then got an 86 on the final... I'm still waiting for my final grade.

I go to a private school without a waiting list for nursing. If someone fails to make a C in a course, they may take it again. You may fail 3 classes (3 C's), and be allowed to retake them and stay in the program. It's nice to not have being dropped from the program hanging over my head! I am on a scholarship though, and that hangs over my head!


You need a 78 average plus a "Passing" score in clinicals. There is no letter grade for clinicals just a Pass or Fail.

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A cumalative score of 80% to pass nursing classes. Clinical is pass/ fail grade.

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