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I passed NCLEX in August 08. I use to watch this NCLEX forum regularly Before my test and believe me i was very scared after reading different experiences. i studied 5-6 hr in the begining, almost for 2 months then i incresed, up to 10 hrs in last 2 months. am not a serious reader, but i did it in one attempt. Now i fell that NCLEX is not a hard and tuff exam. i suggest every single person to do more practice. As much Question as u find.Practicing more question helps to deal with diffrent situations and conditions and that 'll develop your confident. Many people says that u never feel ready to take exam while preparing NCLEX,you always feel that u should repeat the book again. I felt same way till my last night before the test, but when i started my test i felt relaxed. My computer appeared blank when i completed my 81st question, i thought it was a first break but when i looked at clock i found that i was only 1hr and 45 min passed then i realize that my exam is over. that time i was fully confident abt passing the test. and finally on the third day i got my reasult as passed. Thanks god.........

it is not so scary, am sure u all can do it as i did. all the best for all of u.

once more i want to say "practice more" as many questions as u find.


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Thank you! You have calmed me nerves this evening. What is killing me at the moment is waiting for my ATT:angryfire. As soon, I swear, as soon as I receive that baby in the mail I am going to schedule ASAP.


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