Passed the 2nd time - here's what worked for me...

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So, for my 1st attempt, I had barely studied for the test. People kept saying "you already know the material". This is mostly true. However, what I didn't know was that I needed to learn how to answer the Qs "NCLEX style". ABCs etc are not always the answer...

Here's what worked for me:

I studied Kaplan inside & out. And I used Saunders & my Lewis/med-surg text to look up info I wasn't clear on or had forgotten about.

- 1st I did all the Qs in the Q bank, and I read all the rationales whether I answered it right or wrong. (I'd set mine up in "tutor mode", but answered before I looked).

*If it was wrong or I wasn't clear on the topic, I'd look it up & then wrote out notes (almost a whole notebook worth).

- I also, watched the LOD video material from the "Readiness Test" & set it up so I could see what I had answered & then stopped the video before the answer was given to see if I was on track.

- I also watched a few videos from my weak areas

* I know these are brutally boring...BUT they help you to think about what the Q is really asking "NCLEX like", & helps you to figure out the way to think & get to the correct answer.

- Saunders for back-up (the blue book has a cd too - which is helpful, but easier then Kaplan).

- LaCharity (I had done almost the whole book) for prioritization practice

P.S. I realize Kaplan is expensive - but their way of thinking about the Qs is key.

Test day: I tried to mentally prepare myself for 265 Qs again. I packed a good lunch & snacks (something I hadn't done the 1st time) & planned on being there the whole day.

When I sat down at the desk, I closed my eyes & took a few breaths, tried to calm myself.

And then when I came across a Q that I knew I'd studied, I used the white board & wrote down everything I knew about the subject...& used the style of thinking I'd learned w/ Kaplan.

Hope this helps! :nurse:

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It'll be a while before I can take the NCLEX.. but I think this advice is awesome and I plan on following it when my turn comes around.. (a couple of years yet) :)


Congratulations, RN!! Your hard work and perseverance paid off! :) Yay!

wow, congratulations~ :)

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