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Passed NCLEX 85 questions! It's Russian Roulette People....


I took the NCLEX almost a week ago, and I must say it was the worst day ever. I used Hurst review, NCSBN, evolve questions and more. However, nothing prepares you for this test. There are so many versions of the test that's why you here so many stories about what to use, this works that doesn't work. It's all a crap shoot, it doesn't matter what resources you use the key to passing is obtaining as much knowledge as you can. So, hopefully the day you show up the computer puts something there you know or can make an educated guess. I really studied for this exam, but after taking the test I feel like studying was a waste of time because after graduation I focused a lot on Hurst and supplemented with the other material. When it came time to test, I felt like a complete dummy. If you are using Hurst and have not tested, I suggest studying the topics not covered on hurst. With all that said, you CAN still pass if not don't give up. The test is hard. Good luck to you all! I'm so glad this part of my life is over, now I can start my job as a OR nurse!!

strawberryluv, BSN, RN

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Wow, that actually scares me. I am also using Hurst. I plan on studying different topics other than Hurst too. Thanks for the heads up. Russian Roulette NCLEX sounds way more scarier, will be on my grind even harder.

Congratulations btw!

Congratulations to you.

i agree that none of my studying prepared me for that test - it was something else!