Passed Nclex the Fourth Time October 2014!


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I promised myself that when I passed the Nclex I would share my story. I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte December 2013. A few days after graduation I took the Hurst Review. I didn't really start studying until after the holidays because I wanted to be focused. I reviewed all the lectures again, got the PDA book, and used saunders and Hurst questions. I studied for a month and took my test Feb 7. I was devastated when I failed in 75 questions. I just knew I failed after the test I went to the bathroom and cried . After about a week I picked my self up and tried to look for another method to study. I was blessed to get a job at Med Star Hospital in DC in there Nurse Residency Program. They said I could work there as a Nurse Tech Until I passed my test. The Next time I tried a tutor. Her methods were very helpful. She provided me with the test taking skills that I needed and her primary tool was saunders. I was told to do 100 questions a day and if I got a question wrong or right I had to go back and read the rational and test taking strategy given by saunders. If I got the question wrong I went back to the book and read on the subject. A few of her methods really did help me. For example covering the answering choices and trying to figure out the answer before looking was helpful. But I know now that my content was not strong so during a bunch of questions was not what I needed. So Again I took the test May 7 and failed in 85. The third time I tried Kaplan and NSBSN a lot of the nurses on my floor recommended Kaplan and I heard about NSBSN through this site. NSBSN was ok the content was overwhelming but the questions were good. Kaplan questions really made me think unlike saunders. I did most of Kaplan the lectures were really boring so I went through the ones I felt like I needed help on. I thought my scores were pretty good. I ranged between 53-63 on the Q Trainers and 58 on the Qbank. I went in the test confident and failed again in 75 on august 28! Now this time I was over it. I didn't think I wanted to be a nurse anymore and my job had to let me go because I failed the test 3 times. During this time I prayed so much and asked god to give me strength to go on. I started to think I was not smart and I was so depressed. But I have the best parents ever and they encouraged me not to give up! I decided this was the last time I was taking this test and I gave it my all! My mom found a Nursing Review Center in Greenbelt Maryland. I took a 3 week review course. The teacher Ms. Bola was amazing!!!! The problem was I never really knew the content for the test. For example If you asked me what Hirschsprung Disease was I could tell you ribbon like stools but I did not really know what it was. Basically I really needed to know my content. Ms.Bola told me exactly what I needed to know for the test and did not overwhelm me with too much added info. After the class I made charts for vaccinations schedules , medications (Kaplan has a great medication chapter in there book) , safety & infection control, and child development which were my weak areas. I did 150-200 questions for 3 weeks and focused on my week areas. For questions I used saunders which are good for content only and Kaplan which are great for critical thinking! I did tons of select all that apply. I also studied with another person. We would go through questions together and give reasons why we picked certain answers. And Last but not least I got a new PDA book and did this the last week before the test. The final time I took the test. I took my time!!!! I did not worry about the time. I read each question and thought about each answer choice. I prayed throughout my test and I took 2 breaks because I started to get tired. I passed in 85 questions!!!!! Please never give up. If you have to take it 10 times do it. Be encouraged and pray god is always on time. Don't compare yourself to others. What god has for you is for you. If anyone has questions and need ways to study certain topics I still have my study guides. Email me and I will see if I can help!!!!!

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Good for wife took the NCLEX 3 times because of test anxiety. Sometimes I wish we did oral NCLEX exams but you can imagine how that would go?!


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I am so happy for you! Thank you for sharing your testimony. I too have just taken the NCLEX for the 3rd time due to test anxiety (my heart literally feels as if it is going to tear out of my chest and I feel like everyone can hear it pounding) I am waiting on my results and I am not going to do the Pearson trick just because I want the 100% truth. I felt good but mine did not shut off until around 226. I am praying.......Keep sharing because nobody shares that they have failed most of the times until they have heard that you failed and it feels devastating. After I had shared that I failed, I had over 20 people share how many times they failed, what they did and were so supportive but boy is it crushing when it first happens. Like you said...keep pushing and studying and going forward. I hope that I can come back with good news soon!


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Yes test anxiety can be very overwhelming! It can make taking that test 1000 times harder


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I wish you the best!!!!! And yes we can be really hard on ourselves until we realize we are not the only ones who have failed before. I'm not sure if you are Christian but what helped me with my anxiety was realizing that this was not in my control. I did all that I could and I just gave it over to god. I prayed before during and after my test.

hello i took nclex on monday for my 2nd time and i got 108 questions i dont know if thats good or bad. afraid to check quick results.

Thank you I have taken the test twice working on the third time. Need help!


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hi! Does anyone can share how long did you wait to get another ATT to retake the arizona NCLEX? TIA

Question: For those who struggle with test anxiety - did any of you complete proctored exams while in nursing school through a partnering nursing school platform? I.E. HESI? ATI?


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Congratulations!!! Best feeling in the world !