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  1. Rule of thumb praise in public and reprimand in private. It is NEVER a good idea to correct your instructor, boss or even a co worker in font of others, this situation will always end "sticky". Not just in a clinical situation. There has to be safety issues well documented to fail someone in clinical. Good luck with trying to navigate politics but they are everywhere not just in clinicals..

    If at First You Don't Succeed

    good information. I am now in my 2nd year and although I don't hate it like last year it still can be a little challenging. I 'm about to do round 4 and want to adopt your journaling on what works and what doesnt. It would be alot easier if I wasn't a student myself. But everytime I want to give up I get on VickyRN corner. She has saved my program so many times..

    are nurses satisfied?

    i love my job and i'm pretty enthusiastic about it most days. although i don't walk around singing i am happy to go to work. when i was a little girl i wanted to be a school teacher but ended up falling into nursing and started to like it a lot. now 6 years later i teach nursing do 3 prn shifts a month and i have tremendous job satisfaction. i have the best of both worlds. i never get bored; i'm not getting burnout at the bedside. i love it.

    My PhD Journey - Part 1

    VickyRN "you rock" I actually had tears come to my eyes, I'm so excited for you and I actually believe this could be me one day. Thank you fora all you contribute to this website. You have helped me in more ways than you know. Good luck in all you do and keep us informed.

    Working as a nursing school clinical instructor

    I am a LPN instructor and yes I took a pay cut to teach but I absolutely LOVE my job. I still do per diem at the local hospital. But I don't regret taking a break from fulltime bedside at all. I can't imagine being at the bedside for 30 years especially with these knees. So when I am at the bedside may 3 times a month I love it, it's refreshing not to having students on my heels asking questions and Im not burned out. I give the best patient care that I can and go home.

    'Just a med/surg nurse'

    That's what makes nursing so great because we all are different with different skills and can do different things. I don't do children, I'm not rubbing fundus-- but I'm glad that I have friends that are OB and peds nurses. I call myself a '"tele nurse" but I can skillfully navigate through Med/Surg, telemetry, step down, and ICU (not CVICU). But I teach med surg full time. So I have many hats. But NO ED for me, doesn't make me less experienced than the ED nurses, we all have different talents. Nursing is "of multi layers" I love nursing

    Lpn schools in st.louis,missouri

    No the credits from applied tech will not transfer to a community college

    A reson why nursing is a bad career choice...

    It may be time to leave the bedside.

    What are your thoughts on working PRN on top of FT?

    I dont' know about that taxes will eat that up (for me no dep) so I have to make the money on a totally different check.

    What are your thoughts on working PRN on top of FT?

    I have always had PRN job since I got one year of experience. It is manageable, I usually work twice a month to to get a check everytime the facility gets paid. The good thing is it's different than my fulltime. So go for it. Now I work fulltime and do 2 shifts a month and go to school fulltime. I know I'm crazy. I've notice PRN is usually 30-50 hr but depends on location. Good luck

    GN nurse asking about Lasix

    I have given 80mg IVP a million times. So it's ok. I was taught to not give more than 4mg/min. And I just verified in my drug book. You can never go wrong going slow.

    Not Happy with Nursing~ Advice Please

    Nurse friend we won't attack you many of us have been there. Maybe oncology nursing isn't for you. I float and I find the onc floor a tad bit much. But I think you are heading in the right direction at least you got that first year out the way. I hated nursing my first year as well. But year two was so much better. good luck with interview.

    Tell me I'll be okay...

    My advice is don't quit (not a good look) if you can drop down to part time that would be great at least try it out for a couple of months. I'm a nursing instructor and most of my students work (nights, weekends, PT). It will be tough but I think you'll be ok it's just one year. Good luck.

    Class "personality"

    This is very true, this class that I'm teaching now until Aug is draining and the life out of me. I have considered going back to the bedside until I complete my masters next year because after clinicals or lecture I have NOTHING left. My last class was a breeze. Now on the flip side this current class keeps me on my toes my last class took whatever I said I was kind of scared for them. But they have all passed boards and are all doing well. I guess that's how it is. But I'm exhausted, to the point of wondering is this what I really want to do.

    Capella University vs. Walden

    Thanks Shari I just finished research any advice?