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SRDAVIS has 10 years experience and specializes in Tele, Stepdown, Med/Surg, education.

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    Changes in Abdominal Assessment Techniques

    Im not sure why they are doing this. I check bowel sounds in the way the bowel works.

    Give me a glimmer of hope. ..

    I have my MSN and have been teaching for 6 years, I've taught at all levels LPN, ADN and currently teaching at BSN level. There are a lot of MSN educators in the building. I was asked during the interview if I would get a terminal degree of course I said " if you are willing to pay for it" with a smile. I wouldn't get at DNP and box myself into nursing. IF I decide to go back I would get a doctorate in education to broaden my options. I'm already a nurse and I can't be any more nursey than this. :)

    teaching w/o med/surg experience?

    I agree with all of the above comments but it would really be beneficially to float to med surg floors because every where I've taught you have to do a med surg clinical even if you teach a specialty. Good luck

    studying for CMSRN exam

    Well I'm waiting on my authorization to test. I teach fulltime and have for the last 6 years and only work 2 days a month. I took the PCCN without much studying. I don't really plan on doing much studying for this one. I took the practice test it showed I should look over pulmonary. So that's what I'm going to do. I'll report back.

    ANCC Medical Surgical Certification

    Yes nursing friend it is suppose to be harder than NCLEX, remember board test to see if you are minimally competent. A certification test if you an expert in this area. Congratulations --> glad you passed

    Avg teaching load

    I'm pretty sure the offer is coming, I meet with the Dean next week. I'm nervous because I'm sure they will be offering will be a pay cut for me. I currently teach in a PN program. It's fairly new (3years) I would love to have the "big university" on my resume but it is set up different than what I'm accustomed to in my last 6 years of teaching. I teach one class at a time. This is for full time not adjunct and they teach all year round (Spring Summer and Fall) 12hr/semester/ That sounds pretty busy to me. But now here's the bull vs the horns. But there is a "different student" at the BSN level compared to the PN level. I know students are students. But I see the difference even at the ADN level compared to the PN level. I'm trying to keep from thinking the grass is greener. I think professionally the university would be a great experience to add but not for 10k less and a work load that's impossible.

    Avg teaching load

    Hey guys what is the average teaching load these days. At the community college and university level? I'm hearing 12-15credit hours per semester. My experience hasn't been at the community college or university level so I'm having a hard time seeing how I could teach 3 or 4 classes per semester. Is it like 2 of the same classes and the clinical that goes with each class Sdavis

    Full time nurse educators

    I taught in an PN program while I completed my MSN. I still work in a PN program my schedule is pretty relaxed. I work Monday through Thursday with Friday as an optional half day. As a new instructor you will be doing a lot of work at home. I have weekend and holidays off as well as whenever the students are off ( spring and winter breaks ) Yes, we all make more money working at the bedside. I work PRN at the local hospital ( only required 2 days/month) I work 3 or 4 days a month. It is very doable to work Monday thru Friday and go to school but I did take a 6 month LOA to read the whole darn med surg book :-) now I have worked at programs with less flexibility where I taught all year round so I was always either in class or clinicals. Don't forget about meetings and committe work. Good luck. Davis

    Looking for study buddy -CNE

    I just bought the new addition of Billings book, I have a few books from my masters program as well Evaluation and testing in nursing education developing and validating multiple choice test items curriculum development no CNE prep books --> trying to see which would be best. looked at some stuff on quizlet I also have the powerpoints to Nurse Tim review (which I have heard wasn't too helpful) I have printed out the detailed blue print. I'm going to start at the top and follow it. Then take the NLN SAE and see what area's I need more studying in and focus there for a couple of weeks then go for it. I think setting a date will make me at least start.

    Looking for study buddy -CNE

    Well I'm going to get to reading this book by Billings set a date and go from there

    Looking for study buddy -CNE

    Oh no bad instructor. I heard the test was pretty challenging. I'm just looking for someone to toss the information around with. Well good luck with the DNP program. I can't afford school again although I would like to return.

    Looking for study buddy -CNE

    how was the review course?

    Looking for study buddy -CNE

    I'm looking for someone to study with for CNE.

    Is getting the CNE worth it????

    I'm considering the certified nurse educator. I've done a little research and the test is 475 review class 250 and at least 1 book from the resource list to study and you basically coming up on a grand. Is having this certification really worth it?

    So disappointed in hospital RNs and MDs

    Or leave the bedside. People are depending on us.

    So disappointed in hospital RNs and MDs

    I can't believe this conversation. I am a float pool nurse and I do a full assessment including VS ( Bp and pulse) at the beginning of every shift. I do this before I give medications. I'm not sure what everyone is talking about but it takes 5 mins to do a full assessment. If they have a lot of lines, drips and drains a little longer but at that point you have fewer patients. I also reassess my patient by doing a focused assessment. Now I have to be honest I almost always leave 45mins to an hour after my shift. But I do drive home knowing that I gave the best care that I could and IF I missed something it was not due to my negligence. I'm saddened and a little embarrassed by this thread.