Passed the entrance exam!

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I know this probably doesn't sound like a huge feat but it is HUGE for me! I was so scared I wasn't going to be able to conquer that dern math but to my surprise this morning, I finally passed. Now I have to turn in my application packet and wait for acceptance letters to be sent out. : )

Sorry, I just had to share. Thanks for listening!

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Congrats!! :w00t:


I think it's a huge accomplishment!

I just took mine last week and was scared to death! I have been out of school for almost 10 years so I was sure I had pretty much forgotten everything, especially in Math. Some how it ended up that I passed and my highest score was in the Math section. Never in a million years would I have thought that would have happened! I have an interview at the school on Friday. I'm sooo nervous!!

You'll do just fine, PinkHoyt! I don't think my interview is until Aug. 8th so I have time to worry about that later, haha.

Keep us updated on how you do. Good luck!! :nurse:

That's fantastic! Congrats!! :yelclap: And remember that every accomplishment matters!

Is this the work keys test that you took? I am taking it in two weeks and im so nervous because Im horrible in math! was it hard?

I took the compass exam. It's used widely here in TN at the technical schools but I'm not sure if it's used anywhere else. On this particular exam, you have to know how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions, decimals, percents, also solve ratio and proportions, algebraic equations, and some basic math formulas.

I only took basic math in high school so I did some tall studying for about 3 months with a few self teaching books. If I can pass this test, anyone can. Just google the name of your test and I bet some online study guides will come up.

Good luck to you!


I have been out of school over 20 years, so I can relate to those math woes!

I studied, and passed math as my highest score on the TEASV.


What school will you be going to?

A technology center here in eastern TN. It's a 12 month program.

Congrats!!! I also passed mine last week here in Oregon, a 13 month program.

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