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Pass the NCLEX for Terrible Students

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In nursing school, I didn't really care for my education for my first 3 semesters and I was on the verge of being kicked out because of my GPA. I rebuilt myself in my last 2 and finished the semester strong.


I believe if you study diligently and follow a schedule you will pass the NCLEX. I studied for 2 weeks. Of that time, 1 week and a day was spent in the library. from 8 am to 5:30-6pm I was studying. I would take breaks for lunch and to take a ****/poop. After going home, I would eat dinner while watching some netflix, and then study till 10-11 before repeating the cycle once again. Go to your nearest bookstore, Barnes & Nobles for me, and camp in their nursing section. Look at all the latest editions of books and do every practice question that you can.


For me, I got angry and told myself I would pass this test no matter what. I thought of the teachers who doubted me or threatened us about how satanic the exam would be, pretentious classmates, and whoever looked down upon in me nursing school. That fueled me to pass that dam test and prove them wrong.


If you go to you school's library, whichever is open the earliest and latest, and study 9 hours a day, I do not see how you can fail the NCLEX. Law students do this everyday for about 2 months while studying for the bar, so it's not that bad in comparison. Believe you will pass this test no matter what and you will. Good luck! :coollook:

Materials used:

Kaplan (no in-class. I used Qbanks and Qtrainers, no videos.)

Saunders yellow (5th edition)

Lippincott's NCLEX-RN Alternate-format questions (really helpful)

Random Nursing books at Barnes & Nobles.


How were your Kaplan scores? Did you get a lot of SATA?

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Actually pretty good post. ..nclex "in reality" has nothing to do with nursing school...

Also don't worry about pharm too much. I had only a few questions on pharm, and the drugs that are on the NCLEX are written in some obscure name anyway.


My Qtrainer scores ranged from 57% to 66%. They were usually on the lower end of the 60's. I got a lot of SATA and you can judge how you're doing on the NCLEX by the amount you run into. The test seems to replicate a roller coaster ride. It'll give you harder questions (if you continue to get them right), and dip if you get them wrong (easier single-choice questions). I didn't feel exactly comfortable with the SATA, but I had the feeling that I just needed to hit a quota.


I agree. From what I recall, took it a month and a few days ago, it's all about prioritization between patients with different illnesses and what do you do first.

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Sadder still . . . NCLEX results have very little correlation to actual nursing practice. It's not unusual for a GPA 4.0, NCLEX whiz to crash and burn in their first job.