pass or fail in nclex rn at 75 questions?


just to share you what i experienced today. i took my nclex rn examination today december 17, 2013 8am here at east syracuse ny. to be honest with you my exam was strenuous. i had 5 SATA, prioritization (first to be seen), delegation, 3 drugs which i never encounter in my life, 2 computation and more or less 10 about psych. right after 75 questions the computer was stopped giving me question and it said i've done my exam. i have no idea if i passed or failed, all i knew it was difficult and i tried my best. i was bombarded the whole day, but that exam was lifted to our Lord Jesus Christ before and after. the only thing I'm holding right now just to calm and have hope is, my Faith in him (Jesus). I'm going to check my results after 48hr and i will update you whatever it is. thanks.

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Try the Pearson vue trick! It works :)


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hello nurses! I'm happy to say that i passed my nclex rn! i just got the results today this is it! i passed! kimberly, i did the pearson vue trick 6hrs after my text and even yesterday. message pop up that said " you are currently scheduled for nclex examination and bla bla bla…". most people got that pop up message and they passed but for me I'm not quite sure about that so i waited 48hrs to confirm if it is true. today exactly 48hrs after my test, i paid $7 from pearson due to know my results and i found the word PASS! now i confirmed pearson vue trick is 100% true!:))


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Congratulations new RN!

congrats! Theres nothing like seeing the word PASS!:yes:


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Good job! I'd love to tell all candidates not to stress about number of questions......In my program we had a pre test that was ridiculous. It predicted I'd score a 98% on NCLEX and my friend would get a 64%. She passed with 80 questions. I passed too....after 150 questions. It's not the about the number of questions you get right....or even if you pass the first time. It's all about whether or not you give good patient care. Take the NCLEX and forget it. You don't need it. Treat your patients how you want to be treated and all will be well. You did two years of nursing school. What is one test compare to that?