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How many hours a week does a part time nurse make? Whats the salary vs. full time

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Completely depends on the facility/area of the country. Try posting this in your state forum for more information.


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Part time is generally 36 or 48 hours per pay period.....3-4 12 hour shifts per two weeks. Pay is going to depend on your facility.


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I work part-time, at my hospital (and most around here) part time is two 12 hr shifts a week. Your pay per hour doesnt change when you go to part-time. I loVe working my two days a week as opposed to 3 :)

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Actual numbers vary an awful lot from facility to facility, region to region, state to state; even if you can find an accurate average, it won't really tell you much since the average includes both high and low figures. So, as others noted, it's best to ask around in your local area.

In general, part-time nursing, and making more than just peanuts, is much more possible in nursing than in many other fields. The idea of working part-time and still making fairly decent money sounds wonderful! So why isn't everyone doing it?

Not all nursing jobs make the big figures one may hear bragged of. Not all nursing jobs are interchangeable; specific experience may be required. The most in-demand nursing jobs are often VERY stressful with difficult to manage workloads such that some people would rather find other work even if it means having to work more hours.

Also keep in mind that a newly graduated nurse could have a hard time landing a part-time job. Some places will only offer full-time to new grads as they want the newbie learning and becoming more independent ASAP. Also, it costs a lot to train a new grad and if they're going to sink that money into the new grad, they often want a commitment for full-time hours in order to see a quicker return on investment. In the current economy, opportunitites are more limited, with even well-experienced nurses having a much harder time getting the job & hours they want.

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