Feeling insecure at times

  1. So I've been a pacu nurse the whole 5 years of my career, started in an outpatient surgery center and moved into a smaller community hospital and now I'm in a larger hospital pacu. I struggle wth working along side other nurses who have 20+ years of critical care experience. They are all amazing and I have never been in a position where I felt like I was totally in over my head. Pacu is awesome at having supportive staff right there when you need them. However I just have this occasional nagging feeling that I'm less than when compared to my coworkers. At his point in my career I love pacu though and moving to another unit, where I would have to work full time nights to start doesn't work with my family situation. (My husband works graves). Any thoughts would be appreciated.... maybe things people have done to get over such a hump? Is this just a normal feeling when you start to realize there is always so much to learn in nursing? Thanks so much for reading!
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  3. by   brownbook
    I have felt the same. But I'm an older nurse, I felt the younger nurses knew more, were more up to date. I sometimes think I manage to get by as an average nurse while co-workers seem to be brilliant nurses?

    Maybe you could think of one specific area you feel "less than" in. Can you pick just one thing, procedure, drug, intervention, that makes you feel less? Hit the books or the internet and study, pretend you have to teach a class on the subject. Or is it something more general, assessing a patient, taking too long to do routine things?

    Google feeling like you're faking it and you will get 100's of hits.
  4. by   HeySis
    I felt this way too, and still do at times.

    You can start simple by getting a great resource like Drains' Peri-Anesthsia Nursing ( Drain's PeriAnesthesia Nursing: A Critical Care Approach, 7e: 978323399845: Medicine & Health Science Books @ Amazon.com) I have an older version and make a point of picking one area to read about and study every week... even if it's just one drug.

    I joined ASPAN and got involved in my state chapter. I am studying to take the CPAN so I can be certified.

    ABPANC - Certification

    There is an email list you can sign up for that sends you one question a week, the next week you get the answer and a new question... that way you can have some time to think and look up the answer on your own.

    Study Question of the Week | American Board of Perianesthesia Nursing Certification | ABPANC
  5. by   djmatte
    People are different. There will always be someone better than you are different jobs, but it's nothing to lose sleep over. Just do your job to the best of your ability and don't worry about how others are doing at it. Be professional, stay safe with your patients, and move them on to the next phase of care in a timely manner while minding their course pic care. The only thing I cared about in my Pacu colleagues is that they showed up on timex kept patients safe, and didn't dump on others (charted accordingly given the circumstances).