PA NCLEX Pass Rates updated to 9/2008


Pennsylvania program NCLEX pass rates have been updated through the end of September, 2008. Check the sticky by NurseKarenRN at the top of the PA Nurses forum, or go here:

Some of those pass rates are real eyebrow-raisers! I was surprised at how many schools are at or below the 75% pass rate. In some cases they are significantly below.

Like NurseKaren said, choose your school carefully!


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So glad to see my school brought their scores up!


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Thanks for the posting. I'm a little disappointed to see that my school did not do that well. To make sure that I am not one of the unlucky ones. Any suggestions on reading material for preparing for the NCLEX. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. My completion date is December 2009.

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Yeah, those stats make me glad I was accepted into Drexel (95+ forever), and somewhat sad about Harcum's low rates (I was very tempted to go there as they are very close to my apartment). The orientation was nice, but the program is probably too new to 'teach to the test'. I'd also think that a lot of the higher pass schools are from schools that require a certain % of the HESI to sit for the NCLEX.


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The CC I go to has 4 different campuses and I keep hearing that the passing rate is higher at the particular campus I go to. I would like to know the exact number though.


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oh man i am happy that i am applying for a start date of 2010... no holy family for me.. i think i might hold onto la salle university but the hospitals are looking better...

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