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Hello all,

ive noticed some threads on this topic but they are very old so here it goes,

im currenty in an RN program and have been offered to volunteer at an orthopedic surgeons office here in Miami. Since i am not licensed i cant do any RN type tasks but i can have interaction with patients and learn about the paperwork side ( billing, insurance, patient intake, ect). Once i pass the NCLEX i believe this may lead to a position and with the work in Miami being non existent for New grads i think it may be worth it even though it is not a hospital position and i get to learn some things until i graduate, if it does not lead to employment would this type of experience look good on a resume (something is better than nothing?)

Any advice regarding my question would be appreciated

Thank you

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Am I just not seeing something here...? How is one offered a volunteer position? Is it something like 'shadowing'? I don't know but I seem to have lots of questions. Sounds like you'd be free labor.

I know I'm not all up-to-date with some current trends around so I'm just asking...

this particular orthopedic surgeon happens to be a friend of my husbands and heard i was in nursing school so he offered me an opportunity to volunteer some hours at his office if i want to after school

no one has any advice??? id really appreciate it

Thank you

what do you have to lose?! Go for it! :D Its something you can add to your resume showing how you were able to balance nursing school and still took the time to volunteer. And its exactly what you've said: it gives you experiences with patient interaction. Also, i'm betting that you would learn something valuable from the staff including the doctors!

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It certainly won't harm you and if he has connections with the local hospital system he may be a foot in the door. Just remember, this is the equivalent of an extended job interview. Even though he is a friend of your husband's, treat it as if everything you do there matters. And toward the end of school, approach him to see if he would be willing to get your resume in front of the floor managers of the hospitals he has privileges at.

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Definitely do it. Any experience is good and the possible networking potential is valuable. If he likes you he might pull aside a hospital admin/manager when you graduate and then you are IN ahead of everyone else without connections.

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