DHS hip

  1. could someone tell me what the letters DHS stand for?
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  3. by   Disablednurse
    as used in what respect?
  4. by   pickledpepperRN
    Department of Health Services is one.
    There may be others
  5. by   ga.bones
    Sorry, I mean as in DHs hip repair.
  6. by   Disablednurse
    I have to be honest, I have never seen it used, sorry.
  7. by   memphispanda
    Dynamic Hip Screw would be my first guess. I suppose there could be others.
  8. by   CardioTrans
    I have used it before when I worked in the OR........ I cant for the life of me at the moment remember what the D stands for......... but it is a hip screw the set we used was made by Synthes........ huge screw that is placed in the femoral head of the hip into the acetabulum....... then a plate is placed on the outside of the femur....... with smaller screws holding it in place.
  9. by   jax
    I agree - Dynamic hip screws.
  10. by   oramar
    I can't remember if it is the one that allows weight bearing or not. There are some repairs in which the person is permitted some weight bearing right away and other which are not. I would appreciate it if someone could someone tell me which is which.
  11. by   P_RN
    Pretty much it would be ORIF that would be minimal, touchdown weight bearing. Most totals are between part and fwb.