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I have heard numbers all over the place from 2 hours of orientation to 5 or 6 days. I am curious what your facility has for a timeframe? I know it is always individualized......




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I had a three week orientation. One week on Days, one week on Evenings and one week on Nights. I work the night shift. Will be a year in July. I really like the facility and my job. We received a great State Survey results.


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It is always individualized, but usually it is about 1-2 weeks. A new grad would be allowed to have longer. Experienced nurses usually do fine after they have mastered "our way" of doing things (facility policies/procedures) and learn their residents. It takes time though, to gain speed, and really feel comfortable, so we just take our time and work through it!

I usually don't count the first week because they are learning the facility and where things are located ,so all in all ,about 3 weeks, if you count that first week. Does that make sense?

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I think I would be fine with a week or so. I know one place an HCR facility near here said I could be oriented 2 or 3 hours on each unit?????????? What is that?


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Well, when we had agency nurses come in they received a few minutes of orientation. More if they would come in early. As far as new nurses...they get about a week of orientation + 1 day of classroom stuff. We havent had any new grads for a while (I think I was the last one 9 yrs ago!) Most nurses are coming from acute and for them, LTC is a shocker!

Edited to add.. I think they should have to spend at least a shift or two on the opposite shifts just to get a feel of what goes on and what every shift has to expect.

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In the past, I have seen the DON or ADON gauge it on previous experience and then go from there. With previous experience and applying for the same position, I have seen as little as a few days orientation. I had charge nurse/medication nurse experience but none as Unit Manager in LTC, so I got an approx. 3 week orientation, except the orientator was "out" a few of those days.

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Agreed. We have several facilities so close to my home but the ratios are horrible. I would very much like to help the elderly or other clients in a facility but it seems like a daunting task. I know the one has a night ratio of one RN in house for 110 patients. Legally that just scares me.



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:uhoh3: At my last LTC job I received one hour of orientation only. I have a lot of nursing experience but still I think I needed more than one hour of orientation for crying out loud! :angryfire

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Now that stinks and is the lowest record of hours for orientation that I have heard yet. I am betting you did not last long.


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