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Hi! I'm a new school nurse that is getting in the grind of things and just have some questions for you other school nurses out there. This may sound silly, but I was wondering what sort of organization system do you utilize. Each student at my school has a log sheet for their nurse visits. These are keep in a crate in hanging folders separated by grade level. Every time a student comes in, I have to ask for their last name, grade level, and then locate their sheet, fill it out, and later when I get a chance refile it. I am super organized person and I know there is more a time efficient way to do this. At the end of the day I can spend 15 minutes refiling the log sheets if I had a busy day, which may not sound like a lot but it gets old fast haha :D

Does anyone use similar style logs and have a better, more time efficient way of managing them? :confused: Maybe something as simple as putting all logs in a binder?

Maybe it's just me, but I cannot wait for electronic medical charting to reach schools but I have a feeling that will be awhile. :rolleyes:

My district has electronic records & we enter all office visits in to the computer. We all LOVE it!

Your system sounds very inefficient. Why couldn't you just have daily log sheets & fill out office visits on to that. At the end of the year you could file all of your Office Visits into a file folder labeled "Office Visits 2009-2010."

The biggies shoudl be written in to the child's permanent medical record. But the bumps, scrapes, bruises, & tummy aches could just be documented on a daily log & filed grouped together by date that way.



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I think it may be a school district thing to keep track of every visit for the child, it's also nice to look and see the child's track record, but I see what you're saying.

That's awesome you have electronic charting!! I am sooo jealous! Wish I could get that implemented here. They do use a system called panther, but daily logs are not kept there.


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For the minor every day stuff, I just use a "Health Room Log Book", its kinda like a grade book, I put the date time, child's name, complaint, temp, if they go back to class or home, and if I contacted parent. Anything more than that, I usually save in a folder on my computer after I type out a note.


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I keep a running log on a clip board. This lets me know how many kids I see everyday and it's a quick reference if I get too busy to chart details immediately. I have a record for every student in a binder separated with alphabetical letter tabs. They fill three binders. It is very useful to track student visits and concerns all on one sheet. Without use of computers, I find it to be the next best thing.


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we have an electronic system that is great but before this I used excel log sheet to file visits--much faster than paper and if you need all of one students visits you can sort by alpha and there you go!!

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We do the daily logs on a clipboard, but I like the idea of a sheet per student organized by teacher. This would make it easy to see who is using (or over-using) the nurse's office on both the student and teacher level. I just might give that a shot in addition to my regular logs.


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Thanks for all the feedback, this has been great. I like the excel idea, maybe I'll test that out for a day and see how it goes. I also think i'm going to do a sheet with teachers and write tallies next to them for office visits because I'm starting to get a little fishy ;)