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  1. by   sbaker47
    Technically no they cannot consent if they are in a non-violent restraint. Because obviously they are not of sound mind, if they were they would not need a non-violent restraint. Technically if the POA is not available for consent it takes 2 medical providers to document that the intervention is necessary for the patient's well being.
  2. by   Soloist
    Launch pad is up as well as the facebook group

    Edit: I can't find the facebook group, but I don't have a facebook...
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  3. by   Fanig
    Make one so you can join the group!
  4. by   Soloist
    Quote from Fanig
    Make one so you can join the group!
    I personally never want a facebook again. I got rid of mine 8 years ago and good riddance. After class starts, ya'll will know who I am and just keep me informed about study groups
  5. by   sbaker47
    FYI we had quite a few people who refused to be on Facebook during our first term last year. They ended up making a Facebook just for school. A lot of important info gets shared through questions to teachers regarding content, up coming tests, assignments, deadlines, etc. many teachers will ask students to post to the Facebook.
  6. by   Soloist
    So, I'm sorry I just remembered to post this the last day of the week but my wife wanted me to mention that ISCRUBS (at least the Cherokee part of it) is having happy scrubs week this week and its 20% off your order, which is nice considering the Chemeketa scrubs website isn't working and you can't get the student discount. Scrubs are pricey...
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