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  1. Soloist

    Religious Exemptions

    The entirety of this thread is pointless. Try to explain reasons for a religious exemption. Are there any that people are willing to discuss? they just get removed.
  2. Soloist

    Religious Exemptions

    Jesus's words do not fit with society and those that follow them I suspect that most of you wouldn't agree with the teachings of Jesus. This of course is off topic. Many Christians do not follow the teachings of Jesus though and tha...
  3. Soloist

    Religious Exemptions

    A simple mistake as for the first. The second is completely wrong. Reread the study So... if the baby is alive and wiggling, its not killing it to dissect it?
  4. Soloist

    Religious Exemptions

    I've seen that scenario played out at my work. Still waiting to see what a few of them do, I'm likely the only one who actually believes it. As for watchdog groups, there actually is one. It's Catholic. https://cogforlife.org They have been...
  5. Soloist

    Religious Exemptions

    kind of missing the point. I was thinking of modern practice and should have clarified that.
  6. Soloist

    Religious Exemptions

    I take issue with your first point. Many times a religious group has formed a position on something that prior would not have even been a consideration. For example, prior to the TV the Conservative Mennonites had no stance on the TV. The Amish ...
  7. Soloist

    Religious Exemptions

    While I agree all three of those have been tested, only one of them was tested during development and approval. Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are both very old medications that pre-date use of fetal cell testing. Under my pickup analogy onl...
  8. Soloist

    Anyone tried valve-free reusable respirators?

    I have the 290, it was kind of a pain to get ordered though. My impression on it is that it is very breathable and comfortable. My biggest issue is the puddle that forms by my chin in the catch. Periodically it needs to be drained out. Fi...
  9. Soloist

    How many unvaccinated coworkers are you aware of?

    a better question at my work... who is vaccinated...
  10. This comes across as though the use of fetal cells is somehow a conspiracy... its the most factual reason out there to object... And what in the world is religious misinformation? Is that my doctrine is "righter" then yours?
  11. Soloist

    Work Opportunities For Unvaccinated Nurses

    This is assuming the nursing boards look favorable on granting licenses to vaccine dodgers and that you can find places that would take you. Our president is going to ultimately require all medical workers in any location taking Medicaid/Medicare. Th...
  12. Soloist

    G-tube questions

    When I was first trained with a Mic-Key, the policy stated to vent, and then prime otherwise it would trap air causing pain. This particular patient had their esophagus surgically closed, so perhaps that contributed to the order the way it was... Eit...
  13. it is interesting to contrast this with natural medication which historically has been shown not to work but nurses are taught to listen and not be judgmental of different religious teachings or health practices. The anti-vaccine position for i...
  14. Soloist

    Termination From Employer For Refusing EUV

    Sounds to me like your religious belief isn't about a vaccine but more about personal freedom of choice. From someone who has a fairly strong religious belief and would not get the vaccine, I would urge you to work somewhere else other then a f...
  15. I actually agree, I don't think any pharmaceutical company is promoting abortion. There might be some impact in the way the abortions are performed to acquire specific tissue. I want nothing to do with this practice of benefiting from abortion, but I...
  16. While you have the right to your position, I would point out you would never convince anyone that they are wrong with this approach. New cell lines have been made in a fairly consistent pattern with it being said its never going to happen again...