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I begin nursing school next month and went to my school bookstore to buy the scrubs. Was not a fan of the pants. I'm pretty muscular, 5'll and 210 lbs. I want something that fits well and has ample pockets. I did a search and found some older posts that mention aviator and landau pants. Any other options? I need to buy black pants. Thanks for your time.

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Smart Scrubs | Nursing Scrubs, Medical Scrubs, Uniforms and Accessories They wear like iron, and the cargo pants are the bomb. Plenty of men's selection.

FREE shipping until midnight tonight I think.

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You're school doesn't require you to buy/where their nursing uniform/scrub? If so lucky. If you don't mind pricing and it could be any brand, I highly recommend Dickies' pants. It has tons of pockets and fits perfect on me (I'm a small). My only issue is the one I have isn't the stretchy kind, but the drawstring instead.


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My school sells them in the bookstore but we can purchase elsewhere. I bought the top there so it will be the same color as everyone else. I did not want to buy a red one online, only to find out it was not the same red as everyone else. However, black is black! The pants were not great so I chose to purchase elsewhere. I just did not know if there was a preferred brand for men or if they are all pretty much the same. I did do a search but only a couple topics came up from several years ago. I don't need them for another 2 months as we have fundamentals first, the clinical so I have some time. THanks for your input.


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Sorry, I can't help, we were all forced to buy our scrubs from the same supplier.


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Ours just had to be wine/maroon. I preferred Grey's Anatomy. Dickie's have a lot of pockets as well. Caarhart makes some very nice male scrubs as well.

I know Cherokee has the zipper in front. This makes me happy.


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Have you checked out scrubs stores in your area? I know I have a muscular build (I'm a woman, but it's the same problem), so being able to try one multiple styles and assess the pockets and such is really nice.

You could also try ordering a bunch online from somewhere with a good return policy and see what works for you.


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I have to wear black scrubs and have a similar build. I went with the Cherokee pants that have an elastic waistband and plenty of pockets. One in the back for a wallet, two cargo packets divided into two each, two front pockets as well. I wear them everyday for work and they are comfortable. They are around $25 dollars a pair but they are sturdy and soft, so they don't make you itch. My best recommendation. I have about six pairs.


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And they have a zipper which is a must for me. LOL.


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Go to a scrub store and see their different options. My school store only sold a specific scrub set for males and females. They apparently didn't understand that men come in different sizes - they only carried large in everything, which swallowed me up!

I normally prefer Cherokee's scrub pants with the elastic waste. The drawstring pants are okay, but not my favorite.


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I ended up buying some Carhartt pants online and went to my local scrub store(sad to say I did not even know that store was in my hometown) and bought a pair of Cherokee. Both had zippers/drawstrings. Both have lots of pockets. I like the material better on the Carhartt. I did like the zipper option on both. The Cherokee were $17 and the Carhartt were $22.

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