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On Oprah's show yesterday, Life in the ER, once again nurses were ignored as part of the health care team. Please, go to her website (Oprah.com) and post an opinion on her message board. You can also send an e-mail suggesting topics for future shows and I think it is about time someone focused on nurses.


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I was so disgusted. I did send an email and I think a massive email writing campaign is in order. The woman has alot of power and obviously has no clue. www.oprah.com


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I missed the show, but I sent an e-mail nonetheless, hoping that Oprah can do a show on the nursing shortage, and what it means for everyone.

leslie :-D

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I, too, e-mailed Oprah and expressed my disappointment in her lack of acknowledgement to nurses. Actually, this could be more feasible than the proposed nursing march or a national call-in sick day. If we all e-mailed Oprah expressing our discontent, that could possibly generate some national exposure... what do you think? She certainly presents herself to be perceptive, open-minded and sensitive (except for this recent faux pas). Shall we give it a go?


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Dear Oprah

let's talk about spirit

yes, as a nurse also noticed that all the doc.s except the one who dropped out to get pregnant were almost deified---sp?--saw it and loved it--yet--knew in my soul, somthing's wrong--thank you for pointing it out to me---hopkins is just as (*&%*&!! misssing, misssssssssing the point---

Loved all the doc's, yes I did--doc to dropout was a female and she dropped to get preggo immed. cause we can't fail when getting preggo-----------never one mention of the nurses who keep, admit, dischg, mntn., and see those pt. 24/7 while the doc mntns. He looked in on the pt. tld prognosis, and then he went home===nurses mntn. pt throughout rest of stay, His purpose, save and help ones he can't save, or , preventative, comm serivice,---how bout the nurses--who walk in and talk to her every minute of every day----what about nutritional svcs., soc. servcs.,resp. pt. ot what agout HOUSEKEEPING???? oncology unit svcs., etc., what about the volunteer, the Gfamily?????/---

Oprah==you listening to my spirit--it's almost dead and gone--don't care that I have the gift of mercy--that pt. looks at him likes he's god's gift if he holds her hand,-- who was her friend, who wiped her but===I realize he does what he does.--and that's all he can do for now===where's the nurse's special??

I have to say Hopkins=24/7==left out a few of the team, IE, XRAY. significant others of

all in the medical field who don't have great cars, and great homes, just have bills, what about my Ray who just comes home to me, who says, I'm so tired, sometimes it's just not enough to say I have a life in my hands, all the time, duh,---spirit==come on Oprah do you see me==

you can garantee, I will edit and delete this message tom.


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Saw your message today on the nurse-zine forum.I,too,e-mailed the great O to ask for a televised forum on our nursing profession.Hope this email idea catches on.MaggieDRN


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I sent one too. Hope she gets the message.


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Originally posted by RNMaggie

I, too, e-mailed the great O to ask for a televised forum on our nursing profession. Hope this email idea catches on.

Oprah did a show for RNs some time ago. After that show, I doubt she will do another. The audience was full of RNs, the panel on the stage were all RNs. She started by going down the line of panelists & asking "Tell me your worst nightmare of a shift". That set the tone for the entire show. RNs did nothing but bicker & complain. They even complained about each other. (unusual, huh?) And sounded like a bunch of abused wowen.... certainly not empowered or leading a revolution. They did not talk about why the problems exist, solutions, RN efforts to correct the problems, or anything that would show we are taking control of our situation. It was a depressing & demoralizing show & I was embarrassed.

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