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  1. Oprah Dropped the Ball

    Saw your message today on the nurse-zine forum.I,too,e-mailed the great O to ask for a televised forum on our nursing profession.Hope this email idea catches on.MaggieDRN
  2. Need help on extension contract

  3. Need help on extension contract

    I am a traveller who is about to finish my first 13 assignment.When I was asked by my fellow co-workers if I would consider extending for as many weeks as I could give them I told them yes.I had called my recruiter and at the time,approx 5 weeks ago,...
  4. Advice,encouragement and shortcuts needed

  5. HELP! I am an RN who just began my first travel assignment at a large hospital (for Maine that is).I desperately need some advice,encouragement and shortcuts to get through the overwhelming info that has been given me in my 2 days of orientation. My ...