Where to go from Circulating?

  1. Hi everyone. I'm a new OR nurse (6 months)and I really enjoy my job. There is def a lot to learn but my knowledge increases daily. I plan on staying at my current hospital for some time as I do like it very much. My question is this; right now I'm 32 y/o and I enjoy being on my feet, hustling and getting wherever is needed for each case and whatever is needed throughout the case. I have a ton of energy. I'm just wondering if when I'm in my late 40s and 50s if I will feel the same. Please note that I'm not trying to put down anyone's age, pr saying that a 40 or 50 year old cant do anything a 30 y/o can. I'm just basically asking if anyone is planning on doing anything different after circulating for a while. Such as working for a vendor, going to PA school, management, etc.
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  3. by   ang410
    Excellent question! I can't offer any insight, as I started in the OR as a new grad at 32 years old as well. Once off orientation in a few months, I'll be 33. At our hospital OR we have quite a few nurses in their 40s, 50s, and even 60s, so I know some just keep going and going. But as someone new to the specialty, I look forward to watching responses to see what types of things other OR nurses eventually transition into. I can't imagine ever leaving the OR setting!
  4. by   Rose_Queen
    I've been an OR nurse for just shy of seven years. Soon I'll be starting an MSN program in nursing education. My plan once I graduate is to work in the OR full time and teach part time. If I ever get to the point of being physically unable to work in the OR, I'll teach full time. We have several nurses in their late fifties and a few in their early sixties still going strong, and I hope to still be able to work OR even if just part time until I retire.
  5. by   Argo
    OR all the way.... I know nurses that are over 60 and still get around alright... Just do easier services.

    Once you get more experience you will run around a lot less too.
  6. by   jeckrn
    As you can more experience in the OR the amount of running will be decreased and the demand is not so diffucult. You will use the old saying "work smarter not harder". Just like RN's work until they retire on the floor we also work in the OR until then.
  7. by   CIRQL8
    I agree with jeckrn. Working smarter. But periop or some other area of nursing; it is likely that one may want to move onward. I've thought of interventional radiology. Maybe. Not for several years. Then again, maybe not. I just really love periop. I haven't motivation to move on with my education however, if I did, I would go towards CRNA. the way that I feel right now, I will be a circulator until I retire. (or win the lottery).
  8. by   tachy
    Age is really just a number. As long as you stay active and take care of your body there is no reason to believe you should not be able to do anything you do now. I know 50 year olds who are tri-athletes and I've seen patients in their 30's having CABG. It's really just a mindset and a way of living :spin: Plus, doing what you love keeps you young! Look at Mick Jagger, ha ha!
  9. by   cwazycwissyRN
    I am 56 and have some days that kick my keester, that I will admit. I also question if this is what I want to do for the next 10 to 20 years. I think you are correct with these thoughts. I can do it, the question is, do I want to do it. Yes, after 13 years in the OR, I have learned to work smarter, the things that come with experience and time. That helps. Floor nursing, SCU and ER where I had my previous experience are also demanding areas. I love my job, so for now I will stay. I always keep one eye open on other opportunities. I would not be honest if I denied that. That includes finding something that has nothing to do with nursing as an option also. Great question with wise insight. Always good to have a plan B for your future.
  10. by   RNOTODAY
    where I work, they somehow everyday get put into easer, lighter services, put into cases where little to no runnng is required. they make out allright. so will you and i at that age.... good luck and welcome to the most politi
    cally controlled dept in the hosptal!!!!!