Surgical &/or Operating Room Nurse

  1. Good day,

    How can I become a Surgical &/or Operating Room Nurse. Please note that I am not a RN. All advise is needed.

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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Ok, does that mean you're an LPN?
  4. by   CIRQL8
    If you want to be a perioperative NURSE, you must go to nursing school, pass the curriculum, and pass the boards.

    If you want to scrub in the OR, you can do the above (dependant upon institution), or go to a surgical technician program.

    If you just want to work in the OR (and not make a great deal of money), you can apply to be a housekeeper in the OR, or see if there is some tyoe of ancillary position available. Different institutions may have a position available that is on the job training. Keep in mind this may be 'scut' work, or running, or stocking, or other things like that.
  5. by   passionate
    You cannot be a nurse without completing a nursing program. If you are an LPN or surgical technician you still are not considered an OR nurse in my institution because LPN is not recognized in our OR and only Registered Nurses are circulators in Oregon.
  6. by   c.laderoute
    In Canada "Kelowna B.C I have worked as an OR LPN since 2005 I circulate and scrub. I have 23 years of experience in all areas of the hospital. LPN's are very much a part of the nursing team. In 2003 the "TECH's" were displaced and in 2005 replaced by OR LPN's as per MInistry of health request..... thanks C
  7. by   4_Sq
    In our OR, again Canada, 2 LPN's recently completed a perioperative course (payed for by the Health Region), they are now starting their preceptorship & will be working in the OR as staff members as soon as XMAS!!
  8. by   solneeshka
    As stated by previous posters, if you want to be a nurse in the OR, first you have to become a nurse. If your question is getting more toward how to get a job in the OR once you are a nurse, the best way to do that is to work in the OR in nursing school. You can work in housekeeping or as a patient care tech. (Working as a scrub tech requires training beyond just getting accepted for the job, and if your real aim is to be a nurse, your time is best used focusing your education time on nursing.)

    I try so hard to make people understand, the best way to get a job is through networking. Anything you can do to meet and make a positive impression on someone in a position to help you get the job you want is gold. Even if you were just volunteering in the OR (our OR doesn't use volunteers, but some do), that's something. It's experience, and it gives you a chance to meet people who can help you out. It's all about relationships.